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Der Schlüssel liegt im richtigen Timing basierend auf aussagekräftigen Fundamentaldaten. Wir zeigen Ihnen, wie Sie Trends interpretieren können für einen Erfolg an der Börse ProRealTime wurde 2020 und 2021 zur besten Trading-Plattform gekürt. Gratis-Tes You can still check your Order History on app (latest version). Home > Trade > There's an icon near Open Orders Is there any way to see trade history? I want to see how many satoshis I bought and sold and but can't find a order history anywhere on Kucoin is there one somewhere that I am missing? 5 comment

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  1. KuCoin provides a CSV export of your trade history. Three Required Files. Deposits (Assets >> Main Account >> Archives >> Deposit history ) Trades; Withdrawals (Assets >> Main Account >> Archives >> Withdrawal history ) It is important that you download your entire history (not just one tax year). Be sure there are no search or page filters applied to the on-screen list when exporting each file
  2. Exporting Trade History. KuCoin provides users with the service to export trade history. You can find trade history from Orders-Spot Orders-Trade History in the upper right corner, select the trade history you need then click Export to CSV
  3. Moderator of r/kucoin, speaking officially. 3 months ago · Stickied comment. This is not available on the app at the moment. I would suggest to use your mobile browser to access your trading history
  4. 1.Click Orders, then choose Spot Trade History. 2.Confirm that chose Spot, then click Trade History and Export to CSV. 3.Displayed the popup of CSV Download, choose the period, and select All for Pair, Side, and Type, then click Confirm. 4.When the download is ready, a notification will appear in the upper right corner, click on the.
  5. I havn't actively used Kucoin for more than a year - just logged in a while back to grab my complete trade-history, that's why i believe that: a.) Kucoin had a security-breach where personal information got stolen and they failed to inform their users. b.) Kucoin give away/sold personal information of its users without their consent

There's an option where you can see your trading history from last year on the site. Just go to assets overview > Trading account > Account details then go to trade history. Just edit out the date you would like to see your history KuCoin is the most advanced and secure cryptocurrency exchange to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, TRON, USDT, NEO, XRP, KCS, and more. KuCoin also provide Excellent Support, Maker & Taker Transaction Fees, Open AP

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  1. For trades after 2019-02-18 you must use the API importer. ---. 1. Log into your KuCoin account and click Orders, then Trade History. 2. You should see a yellow box with a link to access the old transaction history. Click that link. 3. Switch to the Trade History tab
  2. It was first traded in the cryptocurrency exchange on 24 Oct 2017 at price of $0.69. You can find the complete Kucoin Price History Chart with Historical Market Cap & Trade Volume below. You can use this chart to understand various different things like how the price of Kucoin has changed over course of time
  3. Sign into Kucoin and click on Deposit & Withdrawal History > Deposits and click on Export CSV, select the timeframe and hit Confirm. Repeat the above step for Withdrawals. Click on Orders in the top navbar and then on Spot Trade History > Trade History. Click on Export to CSV, select timeframe and click Confirm
  4. KuCoin Volume Historical Data. Date. Volume. 5/26/2021. $1,089,117,507. 5/25/2021. $2,442,878,985
  5. e is blocked until a 2FA key is entered. KuCoin only has limit orders, so I'll detail how to use them for this guide. Trading a currency — Eg.

KuCoin Plus Trading Area; IOC Feature:Price Protection Mechanism for Spot Trading ; Assets in Orders ; Open Orders Did Not Go Through; How are Fees Calculated and Charged? KuCoin Help Center; Exchange; In-depth explanation of spot trade; Assets in Orders Emilia May 18, 2021 00:28; Updated; Follow. You may find that there are coins being held in pending orders, and so they cannot be used. KuCoin Futures information includes the futures details of each currency contract, index price, history of fund rates in historical data, insurance fund history, delivery date and contract form in delivery and settlement records Step 1: Log in to www.kucoin.com, and click on the Spot tab. Step 2: You will enter the trading market. Depending on which tab you click on, you will see different markets. The options are Stable Coin (USDⓈ), Bitcoin (BTC), KuCoin Shares (KCS), ALTS (Includes Ethereum (ETH) and Tron (TRX)) and several hot areas While KuCoin began as a crypto-to-crypto exchange, KuCoin launched KuCoin OTC in July 2019, allowing users to purchase BTC, PAX, and USDT with CNY. KuCoin partnered with Israel-based Simplex in..

Download KuCoin History. First log into your KuCoin account and click on the V1 Transaction History page. Select the Trade History tab and select the date range going back to your earliest transaction that you executed on KuCoin, and going through February 18, 2019 KuCoin proved to be a worthy exchange to explore, but their mobile bot trading is all the rage. The desire for constant action irrespective of underlying conditions is responsible for many losses in Wall Street Kucoin Shares (KCS) is a trade based token and local money of the Kucoin crypto trade. Holders of the token can receive the benefits from the accomplishment of the trade as half of its general exchanging expense income is imparted to holders through the tokens. Prizes, got as profits, are proportionate to the measure of Kucoin Shares one holds.Kucoin shares are utilized for gathering charges. The Last Price indicates the last traded price on KuCoin Futures. To avoid the Last Price deviates from the spot price, KuCoin Futures uses the Funding mechanism to ensure that the last price is always anchored to the global spot price. Funding occurs every 8 hours at 04:00 UTC, 12:00 UTC and 20:00 UTC. Traders will only pay or receive funding if they hold a position at one of these times. If you close your position prior to the funding exchange, then you will not pay or receive funding


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Once on the Trade History screen, to your far right of the screen click on Export to CSV. KuCoin only allows exports of 100 days at a time, so do 100 day segment exports for your whole KuCoin history. Once the request is confirmed, hover over your account icon and click on Member L1 Once on the Member L1 screen, click on Download CSV Please see the KuCoin V1 import guide. Step 1: Login to your KuCoin account. Step 2: Navigate to the Trade History page. Step 3: Click the Export to CSV button and then click Customize to use the following options to prepare your CSV files. Step 4: Export your trades by selecting a custom date range KuCoin tutorial and review - how to use KuCoin to trade Altcoins and cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. KuCoin crypto exchange can be used for low-cost trading of. In this video, we will cover how to get started with trading cryptocurrency on KuCoin.Shrimpy is a free application for cryptocurrency owners looking for a s..

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If you want to know how to use the Kucoin trading bot, you've come to the right place. In this Kucoin trading bot review, I'll be doing a deep dive on all th.. KuCoin Token Historical Price Information Get a full overview of the KuCoin Token price history with our historical price data page. Access the entire KuCoin Token value history - simply select the time range you're interested in and you'll be able to find the open, high, low and close data for the KuCoin Token price, as well as historical KCS trading volume and market capitalization Download your Deposit History by heading back over to the KuCoin Records page, click on the Deposit history tab, and download all the deposit history (). Please freely select the record you want to export and click Export CSV kucoin deposit history to begin exporting. Now you should be able to import the kucoin trade history from the right place with the correct formatting. You can follow. Kucoin deposit history Therefore, trader A needs to pay a funding fee of 0.0005 BTC and the trader B who shorts the same sized positions will kucoin deposit history receive 0.0005 BTC Import KuCoin 1.0 Trade History(all before February 18th, 2019) except for KuCoin Bonus Optional settings and filters: [Details] API imports for PRO, EXPERT and UNLIMITED users only. Your running KuCoin jobs By clicking on check now you lead a.

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KuCoin is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Hong Kong. US-investors are not listed as prohibited from trading. If you are a US-investor, however, you should still always analyse yourself whether your home state imposes any obstacles for your foreign cryptocurrency trading. The exchange has one of the world's most impressive trading pair. You may check the trading details in Order History and Trade History. For sell orders, it will be filled by the best available orders show in the buy order book until the funds you want to sell ran out; for buy orders, it will be filled by the best available orders show in the sell order book until the funds you used to buy tokens ran out. 3. Stop Limit Order: A Stop-Limit Order.

Quantity(BTC) 37874.3 4.23859146. 37874.2 4.1066210 The bot will trade based on the preset strategy and keep earning profits. Services and Download. Leading Exchange 2.0, find a new world in KuCoin App . Free Basic Services. Enjoy free services and numerous bonuses. Intelligent AI. Simple and user-friendly, novices can invest like veterans. 7*24 Auto-Trading. The bot will keep up to the trends and set you free from tracking the market. Run 10.

Tip 1: If you're planning to trade different cryptocurrencies, purchase some KuCoin Shares token first. Holding the KCS token allows platform users to experience a number of benefits including a 30% trading fee discount in addition to an award incentive bonus, which equals to 50% of the total trading fees charged by the platform, which is distributed back to users who hold KCS in their accounts How to import your KuCoin V1 transaction into CryptoTrader.Tax. Written by Lucas Wyland. Updated over a week ago. Step 1: Login to your KuCoin account. Step 2: Navigate to the V1 Records page and click the Trade History tab. Step 3: Click the Export to CSV button and then click Customize to use the following options to prepare your CSV files

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KuCoin also allows you to pair these crypto against its own inhouse trading token that goes by the name of Kucoin Shares (KCS). The exchange also supports spot, margin, and also has derivative trading with 100x leverage. This makes KuCoin a very powerful exchange to use for both experienced and new traders alike Trade on Kucoin: https://www.kucoin.com/ucenter/signup?rcode=E3IEQBChat with us on Discord: https://discord.gg/9w7BxMnFollow me on Steemit: http://www.steemi..

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  1. It is indeed one of the best altcoins to buy on Kucoin. Price Performance History. Trade Signal. Entry Below 0.38$ Exit Above 0.53$ Stop Below 0.30$ MAP PROTOCOL [MAP] Current Price: 0.038$ Market Cap: 12.9M$ Another top altcoin to buy on KuCoin, MAP Protocol is an open, fully decentralized, chain-to-chain interoperation protocol that enables the interoperability of multiple independently.
  2. Upload a KuCoin Transaction History CSV file to CryptoTrader.Tax; Many cryptocurrency investors use additional exchanges, wallets, and platforms outside of KuCoin. Perhaps you also trade on Coinbase or earn interest from BlockFi. The trouble with KuCoin's reporting is that it only extends as far as the KuCoin platform. If you use additional cryptocurrency wallets, exchanges, DeFi protocols.
  3. KuCoin warns traders that different investment times could mean the performance of the bots will be different. Managing Crypto Exposure. KuCoin's trading bot is ideally used on volatile trading pairs, in which the cryptoasset users pick is preferably moving up. It's also possible to manage your exposure to different crypto trading pairs, by giving the bot specific amounts to use on.
  4. Parameters: symbol (string) - Name of symbol e.g. KCS-BTC; side (string) - buy or sell; price (string) - Name of coin; size (string) - Amount of base currency to buy or sell; client_oid (string) - (optional) Unique order_id default flat_uuid(); remark (string) - (optional) remark for the order, max 100 utf8 characters; stp (string) - (optional) self trade protection CN, CO, CB or.
  5. Quantity(BTC) 39220.0 3.07137359. 39219.9 2.6064411
  6. Import KuCoin 1.0 Trade History(all before February 18th, 2019) except for KuCoin Bonus Optional settings and filters: [Details]. As soon as your KuCoin account is verified and kucoin deposit history funded, you can start trading. KuCoin provides a CSV export of your trade history. Then, I am then going to let you know what coins you can deposit, what verification process the company has, and.

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get_full_order_book_level3 (symbol) [source]. Get a list of all bids and asks non-aggregated for a symbol. This call is generally used by professional traders because it uses more server resources and traffic, and Kucoin has strict access frequency control Now you kucoin deposit history should be able to import the kucoin trade history from the right place with the correct formatting. You can also choose to view the transaction history of the. Stay up to date with the KuCoin Token historical kucoin deposit history price data. The platforms technical architecture was created in 2013, yet it took years of polishing to make it a seamless experience. I am currently trying to complete my taxes with CryptoTrader.Tax, and I need a spreadsheet detailing my full transaction history on my KuCoin account. The 6-month limit on trade history downloads is not enough for me to complete my taxes. I need a spreadsheet containing all transactions. Could you please send that? Thanks! Step 3 Historical Data. TerraUSD (UST) Exchanges List of TerraUSD exchanges where you can buy, sell and trade UST. Trading Overview. Volume. $ 16.24M (-69.55%) Exchanges. 12. Pairs. 26. 24H 7D 1M 3M 1Y All. Market By Volume. Market. Share. Volume. USDT. 45%. $ 7.36M . ETH. 26%. $ 4.27M . USDC. 11%. $ 1.82M . BUSD. 8%. $ 1.26M . OTHER. 9%. $ 1.53M . There are currently 12 TerraUSD exchanges where you.

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  1. Safe & Secure Trades. KuCoin aims to protect users' privacy and assets from infringement. Our security team has been constantly improving related mechanisms and conducting periodic reviews to protect users' privacy and assets. 24/7/365 Customer Support. Our support team is available 24 hours a day to assist you with any issues or questions you may have. Low Transaction Fees & Fast Withdrawal.
  2. KCSUSDT. , 240. CoinGape May 21. -KCS has dropped nearly 80% from its ATH -Kucoin has found support at the $6 range -RSI faces 2 week trend line Kucoin has had an amazing last year rising over 1500%. In the past few weeks KCS has gave up much of these gains as the entire market experienced its worse sell off in over a year
  3. During the activity, KuCoin will rank users according to their ROI (generated from trading and holdings) in their Trading Accounts on a daily basis. There will be a daily prize pool and a special prize pool, both with reward amounts of 1,000 USDT. The Daily ROI Leaderboard is for all users. The ranking and rewards will be released next day, with the top 20 sharing the daily prize pool. The.

KuCoin - Alternate File Import Guide How to import your KuCoin transaction history into CryptoTrader.Tax. Written by David Kemmerer Updated over a week ago File Import for Trades. Bilaxy - File Import Guide How to import your Bilaxy transaction history into CryptoTrader.Tax. Written by Matko Zurak Updated over a week ago Nice Hash - File Import Guide How to import your Nicehash transactions. 2021-05-26 06:52:50. @KUCsupport @Sumon13322929 @lyu_johnny Hello, this is Kucoin support team, sorry for inconveniences experienced on your wallet. Kindly send us a direct message stating your enquiries and also the issues you have with your wallet and it will be resolved immediately. Thanks! 2021-05-26 06:52:30 def __init__ (self, api_key, api_secret, passphrase, sandbox = False, requests_params = None): Kucoin API Client constructor https://docs.kucoin.com/:param api_key.

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Trade ··· References Welcome to KuCoin Futures. This is a real-time KuCoin Futures trading dashboard. Create a KuCoin Futures account and start trading now! Log In Sign Up. Visit Sandbox to try Simulated Trading. Help. Futures Guide. Beginners' Guide. References. Support . Orderbook. Price(USDT) Size (BTC) Total (BTC) 0. Index Price. 35634.15. Mark Price. 35694.00. Chart. BTC Perpetual. In order to better serve our users while increasing the liquidity of P2P Fiat Trade trading desk, KuCoin has launched the global P2P Fiat Trade Merchant Recruitment Program. We invite global merchants to apply and enjoy exclusive benefits. Q1. How to Apply for KuCoin P2P Fiat Trade Merchant Q2.Rules for Settlement of KuCoin P2P Fiat Trade. ProfitTrading For KuCoin - Trade much faster. ProfitTradingApp Finance. Everyone. 21. Offers in-app purchases. Add to Wishlist. Install ** New feature! Margin and Futures trading available! Enjoy trading at KuCoin with the best trading app. ** Increase your profits at KuCoin with Profit Trading! Welcome to the the quickest, easiest and best KuCoin mobile client. Buy and sell faster at KuCoin. KuCoin Token 本日の価格 は KCS is the native token of KuCoin, which was launched back in 2017 as a profit-sharing token that allows traders to draw value from the exchange. It was issued as an ERC-20 token running on the Ethereum network and was supported by most Ethereum wallets. The total supply of KCS was set at 200 million, and there is a planned buyback and burn until just 100.

Kucoin traders - free signals. 172 likes · 12 talking about this. Personal Blo Download your Deposit History by heading back over to the KuCoin Records page, click on the Deposit history tab, and download all the deposit history (). Please freely select the record you want to export and click Export CSV kucoin deposit history to begin exporting. Now you should be able to import the kucoin trade history from the right place with the correct formatting. You can follow.

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KuCoin is a crypto exchange that allows you to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies.The platform is also known as The People's Exchange, and is headquartered in Singapore. It was officially launched in May 2017, founded by a group of experienced business specialists in 2013; Michael Gan, Eric Don, Top Lan, Kent Li, John Lee, Jack Zhu, and Linda Lin KuCoin is centralized cryptocurrency exchange located in Seychelles. It has trust score 9. More than 2M traders trade on this exchange.It currently has a 24-hour trading volume around ₿19 ;442.58 from 366 coins and 719 trading pairs. The most active trading pair on KuCoin exchange is (). KuCoin is established in year 2014. More information about KuCoin exchange can be found at https://www. KuCoin might be the most quickly-built exchange in crypto history: the team behind KuCoin assembled in May 2017 and by August 2017, after an angel investment round, the exchange was ready to launch. The team behind KuCoin includes a group of blockchain technology experts from major names like Ant Financial, Youling, Jianbang Communication, and iBOX Pay This includes the ability to trade, deposit and withdraw funds, check your transaction history, and research pricing charts. Kucoin customer service The customer support team at Kucoin work around.

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  1. This indicates to KuCoin that you'd like to trade all of your ETH for a commensurate amount of BNTY for no more than the price listed above (in this example, 0.000318 ETH per BNTY). The price field is automatically listed based on the current market. If you like, you can change it to a different price, but like any market it's not guaranteed that someone will buy at the price you'd like.
  2. Kucoin was founded by a group with a passion for the blockchain who had already built up strong reputations at industry giants, such as GF Securities, Ant Financial, Youling, Jianbang Communication, and iBOX PAY. To put Kucoin's youth into perspective, the research and development team was only assembled in May 2017. Rank 30. Website. www.kucoin.com. Twitter. kucoincom. Fiats-Volume 755,116.
  3. KuCoin only charges a 0.1% fee per trade and even small fees for futures trading. As you can see below, the dashboard is pretty detailed, but don't worry if you find this intimidating, they have a more simple version for beginners called instant exchange. Pro Tip: You cannot trade fiat-to-crypto on KuCoin, you can only trade crypto-to-crypto.

We examined 116,690 trades using the BTC/USDT trading pair that happened between 12/1/19 and 12/3/19 on KuCoin. With these trades, we were able to calculate the following stats. 1,551.7291 BTC Trading Volume on the BTC/USDT pair. 58,078 orders were placed over the time period. Max order size was 15.7119 BTC. Max slippage was 0.1665%. 5,697 orders experienced slippage of more than 0.01%. 9.81%. KuCoin is based in the Seychelles, but adheres to its own AML and KYC policies and has so far in its history proven itself to be a trustworthy exchange. Some exchanges in the past have been widely criticised in the crypto community for allegedly manipulating prices or claiming instances of overloading at times of extreme volume in the market when trade orders have been unable to be. Crypto Currencies Trading Robot Kucoin. Crypto Currency Trading Robot - Kucoin - 100% Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dashcoin, Litecoin, Peercoin and many others crypto currencies Auto Trading Robot Software! Highly accurate 100% crypto currencies auto trading robot software Trades most popular symbols such as: ETHBTC, DSHBTC and others Has stop-loss and take-profit, safety for deposit No martingale.

KuCoin advertises up to 10x returns on successful margin trades. Futures Trading. On KuCoin, futures trading comes along with two separate interfaces - lite and pro. As the name suggests, the lite interface provides fewer features, as its core purpose is to efficiently serve beginners. On the other hand, the pro interface includes professional tools for experienced futures traders. KuCoin. Résultat moyen des trades; 2021-01-14 08:52 Asset LTC-USDT : Kucoin 2020-12-19 17:08 Asset BTC-USDT : Kucoin 2021-01-07 11:40 Asset NEO-USDT : Kucoin 80.% 2021-06-17 07:23 2021-06-18 15:56 Asset AAVE-USDT : Kucoin -12.7%; 2021-06-17 07:30 2021-06-18 10:04 Asset 1INCH-USDT : Kucoin -9.6%; 2021-06-16 08:14 2021-06-16 16:50 Asset DOT-USDT : Kucoin -6.6%; 2021-06-09 20:54 2021-06-11 13:50 Asset. Token Projects Are Not Happy With KuCoin's Handling of $280M Hack. The latest face-saving communique from Seychelles-domiciled crypto exchange KuCoin - hacked almost two months ago for over.

KuCoin ist eine Exchange-Plattform, die im September 2017 online ging. Die Kryptowährungsbörse besitzt eine eigene App für Android und iOS, damit die Nutzer auch mobil traden können. Hervorzuheben ist die große Anzahl an Handelspaare. Nämlich 300 an der Zahl. Die Kryptobörse besitzt eine eigene Kryptowährung - die KucCoin Shares KCS. Im Gegensatz zu vielen anderen Exchanges werden Fiat. Deposit history is readily available should you want to check your pending and or all processed deposits. Way to go! You have funded your KuCoin account. 5. Start to trade on KuCoin. As soon as your KuCoin account is verified and funded, you can start trading. Go to Markets and select your Bitcoin. Once you have picked your selection, click on Trading right next to it. Fill. KuCoin has a highly trained research department that looks for top quality projects throughout the crypto industry. The exchange has listed over 190 tokens and 400 trading pairs to date. KuCoin provides a secure and easy-to-use platform for users to engage in cryptocurrency trades and transaction efficiently and safely. Currently, KuCoin has over five million registered users in 100 countries Data Shows $280 Million Drained From KuCoin. The recent KuCoin hack may have been the third-largest in crypto history as new data indicates that the stolen amount is worth $280 million, instead of $150 million. Newly aggregated data suggests that the hackers that recently compromised KuCoin's hot wallets may have taken more than the estimated. KuCoin is a reliable crypto exchange launched in Hong Kong in 2017, a year when crypto trading was more popular than ever! Namely, by the end of 2017, Bitcoin achieved its all-time high of $20,000! Traders were dying to get their hands on this revolutionary coin, and KuCoin offered its services at the right moment. Visit The Site

kucoin-node-api. This is an open source project created to utilize the Kucoin v2 API to support automated, algorithmic trading. The project was made and tested for Node 8.0+. There are no guarentees towards the stability or effectiveness of this project. Comments, contributions, stars and donations are, however, all welcome KuCoin wants to have 1,000 coins listed on the site by the end of 2018. To trade on KuCoin, you must send credits in cryptocurrency to KuCoin. Unfortunately, KuCoin does not offer the trade against Fiat currencies (Euro, Dollar etc.). You have no choice but to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum from somewhere else (I do that at Coinbase ) and send that to. Trader : rijoalf. Date d'achat Date de vente Actif Résultat moyen des trades; 2021-03-18 13:01 Asset EOSC-USDT : Kucoin 2020-11-21 13:16 Asset XRP-USDT : Kucoin 2020-11-21 11:59 Asset XRP-USDT : Kucoin 2021-01-07 08:51 Asset XLM-USDT : Kucoin 2020-11-21 17:19.

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I sent about 0.16 BNB (Bsc) from trust wallet to my kucoin wallet since 1hour ago. And up till now, it's yet to reflect on my kucoin wallet And up till now, it's yet to reflect on my kucoin wallet 11 replies 0 retweets 1 lik Visit KuCoin. To reinforce our review on KuCoin, it is trusted by 1 out of every 4 crypto holders in the world due which is attributed to its safe and secure trading platform. In our opinion, KuCoin deserves all the accolades and is undoubtedly one of the best crypto exchanges in the world to trade cryptocurrencies

The KuCoin crypto exchange has seen some of the largest trading volumes of DOGE in South Korea and globally. KuCoin CEO Johnny Lyu In comparison, the volumes of traditional company stocks traded in Korea daily stand at around $9 billion, while local monthly Forex trading of local FX accounts show around $7-8 billion. Analytical sources state that the real demand for DOGE remains low. Charts for Bitcoin long and short positions on Bitinex. A unique tool for crypto traders who wish to gauge sentiment and analyze the BTC market. Check if leveraged bears or bulls are due for a margin squeeze. Charts also include Bitmex liquidations and health scores for both longs and shorts Create KuCoin trading bots with HaasOnline. Use the only privacy-focused on-premise solution developed for advanced KuCoin cryptocurrency trading. 1 KuCoin may have trade fees, trade limits, and/or API restrictions. 2 Final price may differ due to market fluctuations, exchange rates, and rounding. 3 Exchange data provided by CoinGecko

How To Download Trade History From BinanceHow to Trade on KuMEX Pro? – KuCoin Help CenterHow to Trade on KuCoin Futures Lite? – KuCoin Help CenterHow to Make a Withdrawal on KuCoin – KuCoin Help Center

KuCoin, the popular cryptocurrency exchange, today announced it has finally listed Cardano token, ADA. Now live on the exchange, supported markets include ADA/BTC and ADA/USDT. Cardano (ADA) Summary Cardano is a decentralized public blockchain and cryptocurrency project and is fully open source. Cardano is developing a smart contract platform which seeks to deliver more advanced [ Kucoin is one of world's advanced and most used cryptocurrency exchange platforms that have thrived well on the good will of the strong community it commands, because of its simplicity and high grade security, it's the traders choice for speedy trade transactions and funds security. In Kucoin, everywhere gets a unique password that's different from the main profile, from access to your. KuCoin charges the following fees for their futures trading: KuCoin OTC Trading Desk. In an official announcement of KuCoin in July, 2019, this exchange launched an OTC Trading Desk (OTC is short for Over-The-Counter). Traders can execute larger trades at a certain price without causing any fluctuations in the price of that cryptocurrency

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