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In this tutorial i will show you how to make a brushed aluminium texteffect with layerfx. You will need the layerfx script by Jon Stipe. I recommend the python version, because it has a preview. http://gimpscripts.com/2011/10/gimp-layer-effects/ In this video i show you guys how to make a brushed metal effect in gimp About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new. Mit GIMP können Sie einfache Oberflächen erstellen die wie gebürstetes Metall bzw. wie poliertes Aluminium aussehen. Der Effekt des gebürsteten Metalls ist heutzutage zwar nicht mehr so angesagt, dennoch gehört er zu den Grundlagen im Umgang mit den Filtern des GIMP. So funktioniert es in GIMP

Metal. Brushed Aluminium Texteffect by Esper. To forum. Riveted metal plate Typography by Chris Fiedler. Read online To install to GIMP: 1. Download .zip file from this page. 2. Right click downloaded file. Select Extract All. 3. Move unzipped folder to: Users>>UserName>>.gimp-2.8>>patterns 4. Open GIMP 2.8 (or refresh patterns if already open) 5. Create If you use my patterns, I'd love to see your creations in comments!! Wait until GIMP generates the image that will look similar to the one shown in picture Basic metal texture. And you are done! Note: If you set the detail to a lower level, for example to 1, you will get a smoother look for the metal texture, like the one shown in picture Smoother metal texture. You can play with the settings until you get the look you prefer. Golden metal. Golden metal texture.

This effect can make shiny edges, but it can't create a natural flat metallic surface from emptiness. It needs some texture as basis. A photo of real metal can be useful. A grey one is ok. Actually it should be desaturated to have the control over the color. Here's a snippet of a photo taken of a not so well treated aluminium plate: Really sandpapered. A little less grainy polish would be better. As colored it's not especially interesting, altough usable Solarisation is the effect whereby the properties of a material is affected by electromagnetic radiation. It's effects in photography were first discribed in 1859 by H. de la Blanchere and usually refer to the skewed tones which result from exposing an already exposed (used) film to light before or during processing. This effect was popularised in the 1920's by American painter and phtographer Man Ray Resources used in GIMP that aren't Python Fu or Scheme Fu (files other than .py or .scm files) Search Advanced search. 6 posts • Page 1 of 1. tim. More... View: |Posts Topic Posts: 4/6 | Posts: 5405 Joined: Mon Sep 26, 2016 12:16 am Cash on hand: 79,168.23 GLP Bank: 572,668,746.00 GLP Gender: Guy Location: Canada Operating System: GNU/LInux GIMP Version: 2.10.X Paint Blotches blog Play them. Nickel Metallic Text Effect PSD Vol.3 4 Holographic Gradient PS Styles & 4 Ho;ographic Backgrounds - Full PSD File Rusted Steel Text Effect PSD Vol.1

Hallo Leute da ich mich nicht so gut im Material Editor auskenne, bräuchte ich eure Hilfe und zwar brauche ich ein Shader wenn ich es Rendere, dass es aussieht wie dieses Matte Aluminium, Farbe charcoal grey RGB (71/77/78) habe schon gegoogelt aber nichts passendes gefunde Gimp works marvelously, just change the image mode to grayscale when you are finished Click on the inside of the Layer Boundary to activate the layer for alignment. In the Tool Options, click on the Align to center of target and Align to middle of target icons. Next, increase the Layer Boundary, so our effects are not limited to the smaller boundary. Layer > Layer to Image Size

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Select a metal texture. I am using a light aluminum effect from http://subtlepatterns.com. Step 3. Click on Gradient Overlay. Use black and white for the color but notice that the black is a bit close to the center. Also, change the Blend Mode to Multiply at 40% Opacity. After that change the Scale to 35%. Step Let's grunge up our metal effect by adding some dirt and scratches to it. Go up to the Filter menu, choose Noise, then choose Add Noise. The Add Noise dialog box will appear with the same settings we used previously. No need to change them, so just click OK to exit out of the dialog box. The text is now filled with noise, and since the layer's blend mode is set to Multiply, only the dark specks of noise are visible

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  1. GIMP: Creating a Dispersion Effect This tutorial will teach you how to create a dispersion effect in GIMP using layer masks. It's very easy, and ideal for beginners
  2. Erfahren Sie, wie Sie Bilder in Adobe Photoshop mit Beleuchtungseffekten versehen. Verwenden Sie verschiedene Arten von Beleuchtungseffekten, z. B. Punktlichter, gerichtete Lichter und Spotlichter
  3. Mit allen bekannten Grafikprogrammen kompatibel (Photoshop, Elements, GIMP, Corel usw.). Du stehst auf Qualität? 100 hochaufgelöste Texturen warten auf dich (433 MB Daten)! Unser Spezial-Angebot für dich: Du hast nun die Wahl
  4. GIMP. Das ehemals reine Linux-Bildbearbeitungs-Programm GIMP steht ab sofort in einer aktualisierten Windows-Version zum Do... 2. Sehr gut 12.369.214. 25.716 BEW. 4.58 Deutsch. IrfanView (32 Bit.
  5. um 130 gradient fill; Step 5. Add a Pattern Overlay with these settings: Pattern: Foil; Scale: 50%; Step 6. This will style the main foil effect. Right-click the styled text layer and choose Copy Layer Style. Then select the Inner and Outer shape layers, right-click any of them, and choose Paste Layer Style. 9. How to Create a.
  6. ium Drink Soda Can PSD Mockup. Looks matter when it comes to showcasing! So whether there's an energy drink, beer or soda — the can must look striking and magnetizing, provoke a desire to grab and drink it! Supreme branding project certainly needs a mockup like this to be involved in the presentation, but there's no doubt others will find as much joy in editing this drink can.
  7. Große Auswahl an Gimp Bildbearbeitung Phsh 4k Monitor. Super Angebote für Gimp Bildbearbeitung Phsh 4k Monitor hier im Preisvergleich

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Mit GIMP können Sie einfache Oberflächen erstellen die wie gebürstetes Metall bzw. wie poliertes Aluminium aussehen. Der Effekt des gebürsteten Metalls ist heutzutage zwar nicht mehr so angesagt, dennoch gehört er zu den Grundlagen im Umgang mit den Filtern des GIMP Gimp FX. Bull is the dominant force in your cuckold relationship with your tone. Bull takes care of your amp while you stand with your limp guitar in your hand By default, GIMP offers about 60 patterns you can choose from. It is not enough for an art-minded GIMP user. The GIMP compatibility with Photoshop files, including ABR file, allows you to install a Photoshop pattern in GIMP since finding a PAT file (the native GIMP pattern file format) is not easy. If you prefer to create a custom GIMP pattern yourself, that's great. In general, there are.

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  1. A premier GIMP software magazine. GIMP is an image editing software package similar to Abobe® Photoshop®, but licensed as free and open source. The latest version of GIMP (2.8) has been.
  2. ium foil sheet, you can either use a flash, studio light or even a table lamp. In order to make.
  3. When using the diamond patterns for the proper effect create a layer below the pattern and paint under the shapes with the color of the main light source. Alternatively you can fill a layer with the color of the main light source, do your texture work, select the empty space with the Magic Wand set to zero tolerance and delete it. You should end up with a grid of diamond patterns lit by the.
  4. Not only does GIMP do this built in, but it's even clever enough that if you want to have multiple layers make up a page e.g. a base image and various additional text layers - you can do this using layer groups and then with the 'Layers as pages' option, GIMP will export each layer group as a separate page! - ec2011 Nov 6 '19 at 1:5
  5. GIMP und ich werden wahrscheinlich nie Freunde. Der erste Test von Pixelmator war aber recht positiv. Für Screendesign kann ich ebenfalls Adobe Fireworks empfehlen, das mit knapp 400 Euro.
  6. GIMP gives us a number of options for influencing the tone and colour of our photos, however Levels and Curves are the most versatile and hence the ones which you will use almost exclusively.Most of these other tools are pretty self explanatory and can be found in the Colors dropdown menu, there are also some fully automatic tools in Colors > Auto
  7. GIMP (If you don't have Photoshop) 2A. 3DS Max Studio (I prefer 2013 version due to my system specs) - The ability to make the Shining Effect according to preference possible at all times. - Able to paint the whole livery skins on one template or according to its original template. IMPORTANT: - Using this tutorial to edit an existing car mod will risk for online compatibility, so make sure.

Die 12 besten Fotobearbeitungs-Apps, die du verwenden solltest. Von dianazoetekouw on 26 September 2019 . Egal ob du dein Lächeln strahlender machen willst, einen Sonnenuntergang aufhellen oder die Proportionen eines Fotos verändern möchtest, dies sind die Top-Foto-Apps, die du kennen solltest Remember that there are always several ways to achieve any finished effect. Bronze (clean) (1) Aluminium foil coloured with dark, warm brown FEV, partially wiped off highlights. (2) Brown paint with copper powder mixed in, coppery-gold painted highlights . Bronze (weathered) Burnt umber, washed with phthalo green (green glue also gives a nice effect) for verdigris. Highlights in either light. RAL EFFECT; RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus. RAL 000 15 00. Tintenschwarz Ink black. RAL 000 20 00. Schieferschwarz Slate black. RAL 000 25 00. Onyxschwarz Onyx black. RAL 000 30 00. Mittelschwarz Medium black. RAL 000 35 00. Brikettgrau Briquette grey. RAL 000 40 00. Dunkelgrau Dark grey. RAL 000 45 00. Architekturgrau Architecture grey. RAL 000 50 00 . Stahlgrau Steel grey. RAL 000 55 00. Mittelgrau.

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Die verhältnismäßig preiswerte Herstellung von Kunststoffrahmen im Vergleich zu Rahmen aus Holz oder Aluminium sorgt dafür, dass diese zu einem günstigeren Preis angeboten werden können. Gleichzeitig erfüllen sie jedoch alle Anforderungen an einen hochwertigen und robusten Bilderrahmen, zum Beispiel im Einsatz als Fotorahmen. Auch unsere Wechselrahmen aus Kunststoff genügen allen. In the imageafter.com 'texture' directory you can expect free high resolution textures of metals, floors, skin, wood, rock, walls etc. Mostly photographic textures. ( texturas, texturen, texture) All textures can be freely downloaded and used in you commercial or personal works. The size of the textures range from 1600x1200 to 2560x1920 Gimp Wire - also known as French or Bullion Wire - is used to help deter against any abrasion that may arise from the beads, jump rings and clasps in your jewellery making project. It is also used to protect threads from the sharp bead hole edges to prevent it from fraying. Made from extremely fine coiled wire, it can be manipulated into your desired jewellery design. Gimp Wire gives the. Google Photos is the home for all your photos and videos, automatically organized and easy to share

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Google Images. The most comprehensive image search on the web For example, anodized aluminum can be engraved with 600 - 1000 dpi, as the raster point does not increase on this material during engraving. With wood or glass however, 333 dpi are completely sufficient, as every raster point becomes larger than in the graphics on these materials due to their surface quality. With acrylics or laminates, a resolution of about 500 - 600 dpi is suitable. In. While there is no Draw Circle tool in GIMP, there are several ways you can create circles using the tools provided. The Path tool will create a vector circle that you can add a border to. You can use the Select tool to create a circular border from the Ellipse Select function. You can use that sam

Die Albedo (lateinisch albedo ‚Weiße'; von lateinisch albus ‚weiß') ist ein Maß für das Rückstrahlvermögen (Reflexionsstrahlung) von diffus reflektierenden, also nicht selbst leuchtenden Oberflächen.Sie wird als dimensionslose Zahl angegeben und entspricht dem Verhältnis von rückgestrahltem zu einfallendem Licht (eine Albedo von 0,9 entspricht 90 % Rückstrahlung) May 23, 2017 - Photoshop can work miracles on your images. Learn how to use it like a pro DOG UNIT. AFRICA'S HAND SECURITY PROJECTS offers dog patrols. Our dog handlers are skillfully trained in the art of working with man's best-loved animal. We offer dogs that are fully trained in all aspects of security including sniffer dogs, patrol dogs and dogs trained to search for missing individuals Boinx Software wird 25. Die bayrische Software-Schmiede Boinx Software für Apple Geräte feiert diese Woche ihren 25. Jahrestag. Seit 1996 hat sich die Apple-Welt immer wiederverändert. Wer schon länger dabei ist, der erinnert sich an Apples PowerPCs, das erste Aluminium Powerbook G4, OS 9 und den Start von OSX, den Wechsel zu Intel-Prozessoren, iPod, iPhone, iPad bis hin zum aktuellen. Jun 12, 2012 - This tutorial walks you through using the Cage Transform Tool in GIMP 2.8, which offers a powerful and versatile way to transform areas within photos

Jun 28, 2017 - Buy 48 Nature Text Effect Style Bundle by iskak_1 on GraphicRiver. 48 Nature Text Effect Style Bundle is with high quality can produce effect more perfect and interesting for your text.. Envato Tuts+ teaches creative and technical skills across many topics to millions of people worldwide. We offer tutorials, articles, news and insights that help you take your knowledge to the next level GIMP is a free open source image distortion tool for Windows, macOS, and Linux. In it, you get multiple image distortion tools (Emboss, Mosaic, Wind, Shift, etc.) through which you can distort images of various formats such as JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, ICO, TGA, EMF, and more. After applying a distortion effect, you can manually adjust the intensity and radius of the effect

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spooky recess: Hi, I'm new to plastic figures photographing, I wanted to ask if anyone has some tips or tricks to get nice photos. I usually take my pics with my 3.2MP Sony Ericsson cell phone (the best digital cam I have at the moment, lol) with macro focus and flash off, put the figure on a plain color cloth, and point a light on it. I guess light color backgrounds are better, the last pics. Nonetheless, it would be perfectly possible to use an open source alternative such as GIMP to achieve the same result. The final map features layers for bathymetry, land area, rivers and lakes, deltas, snow and ice and Antarctic ice shelfs. In addition, there are two hillshade layers and a layer of map labels. 1/7 — Bathymetry base layer 2/7 — Land surface 3/7 — Rivers and lakes 4/7. Aluminium Sheet; Brass Sheet; Mokume Gane Sheet; Solders. View All Solders ; Silver Solder; 9ct Yellow Gold Solder ; 9ct White Gold Solder; 9ct Red Gold Solder; 14ct Gold Solder; 18ct Yellow Gold Solder; 18ct White Gold Solder; 18ct Red Gold Solder; 22ct Yellow Gold Solder; 3ct Yellow Gold Solder; Palladium Solder; Platinum Solder; Tube. View All Tube ; Silver Tube; 9ct Yellow Gold Tube; 9ct. The Gimp. Public Figure. Lost Pilgrims. Musician/Band. Chuckee & the Crawdaddies. Musician/Band. Hold The Bus. Musician/Band . King Harvest. Musician/Band. Us Without Them. Musician/Band. Administrative & Accounting Professionals, LLC. Local Business. Meat Sweats Food Truck. Brand. Hank's Aluminum Siding. Musician/Band. The Ripple Effect with Momma T. Radio Station. Yacht Life Living. Home. Hello there! Ive been working on an American Airlines paint for the Aerobridge Studios DC-10 in Gimp, and everything has been coming along well (the mapping is insane!). My problem is that the final product always comes out more grey than silver. I try to use different variations of the brushed a..

Resources used in GIMP that aren't Python Fu or Scheme Fu (files other than .py or .scm files) Search Advanced search. 6 posts • Page 1 of 1. tim. More... View: |Posts Topic Posts: 4/6 | Posts: 5403 Joined: Mon Sep 26, 2016 12:16 am Cash on hand: 79,137.47 GLP Bank: 572,668,746.00 GLP Gender: Guy Location: Canada Operating System: GNU/LInux GIMP Version: 2.10.X Paint Blotches blog Play them. But at least for GIMP I found a great solution to add a grid on top of any image. Open your image file of your map. Add a new layer: Layer > New Layer > Press Okay. Make sure the new layer is above the layer with the map. Open the Mosaic dialog: Filters > Distortions > Mosaic. Make sure Tile Geometry is set to Hexagons. Set Tile Size to your prefered size of tiles. Set Tile Height. Simple Engraved Text. Open Gimp and create a new document -white bg - 700x300 pixels in size. make it invisible. Make sure your foreground color is black and background is set to white. Create a new layer call it plate, and make it transparent. Drag your mouse across the transparent plate layer.A selection will appear, center it on the layer. But a thousand textures would make for a pretty long blog, so we've collected 40 of the coolest free Photoshop texture packs you can use for your next design project. This compilation includes a mix of different kinds of high quality textures such as watercolor textures, feather textures, textures of rocks, concrete, grungy surfaces and much.

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regarding the product and avoid misrepresentation of the ingredients or effects of a drug, whether accidental or intentional. Each separate product, including different strengths or concentrations of the same API, must be separately labeled and identified. Labels can be applied directly to the primary container; included as a package insert; or applied to secondary packaging materials, such as. limit my search to r/gimp-tutorials.net. use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit:subreddit find submissions in subreddit author:username find submissions by username site:example.com find submissions from example.com url:text search for text in url selftext:text search for text in self post contents self:yes (or self:no) include (or exclude) self posts. Mit dieser Übersicht möchten wir dir die Suche nach kostenlosen Texturen ersparen. Bevor wir mit dieser Liste starten, empfehlen wir gerne Das große Texturenpaket - 3.000 Texturen, weil diese DVD bzw. dieser Download kann ohne Wenn und Aber für alles Mögliche verwendet werden: privat & kommerziell; gleichzeitig unterstützt der Kauf unsere Webseite

Vintage Logo Vectors. Vintage decorative typeface. perfect for alcohol labels, logos, shops,headlines, posters and many other uses. Vintage frame design for labels, banner, sticker and other design. suitable for whiskey, beer and premium product. Set of vintage gentleman emblems, labels Online photo effects and funny pictures: how we do it. Making face photo effects is a special kind of art, so let's get the ball rolling on basic points of the process. First, detection of main face features is required, such as nose, eye and mouth corners. If you want to animate a face, you have to specify a morphing function. For example, set the sequence of frames for smooth appearance of a.

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  1. To make carbon fiber part for a vehicle, start by purchasing a mold online and coating it with a wax to help the part separate from the mold when it's complete. Next, cover the mold with resin before pressing sheets of fiber cloth onto the mold. When the cloth is in place, saturate it with resin
  2. We have 26 free Heavy-metal Fonts to offer for direct downloading · 1001 Fonts is your favorite site for free fonts since 200
  3. For such interesting and useful collection I would request you to subscribe to us and get the unbound design feed every single day. Here we go. 1. Free Soda Tin Can Mockup PSD. 2. Soft Drink Can Mockup PSD. 3. Free Energy Drink Tin Can Mockup PSD. 4
  4. The Ultimate Photoshop Patterns Collection: 2000+ Patterns. Photoshop Patterns are a slightly overlooked resource and we have a tendency to look for a texture or background rather than searching .pat files. Repeating, tileable patterns are invaluable resources for all types of Photoshop projects and they take little room on your hard drive

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Chrome aluminum #a8a9ad; Dark gray (X11) #a9a9a9; Silver chalice #acacac; Quick Silver #a6a6a6; Philippine silver #b3b3b3; Intermediately Related. Metallic yellow #fdcc0d; Lavender indigo #9457eb; Metallic Seaweed #0a7e8c; Spanish green #009150; Yellow-green (Crayola) #c5e384; Distantly Related. Rich black (FOGRA39) #010203; Vampire black #080808; Rich black (FOGRA29) #010b13; Smoky black. Textures. Welcome to this curated collection of textures and image resources. This collection is an on-going project, as with each movie we create a number of textures based on our own resources (photographs, scans, etc.), made completely from scratch, or contributed by the community. You can now browse this (and your own!) Texture Library.

56 Vintage Stamps and Seals. Graph Paper Brush Set (8) 21 Distressed Halftone Brush Strokes. 80 Free Hand Drawn Arrow Brushes. 13 Grungy Watercolor Photoshop Brushes. 25 Watercolour and Ink Photoshop Brushes. 100 Essential Brush Strokes. 56 Photoshop Brushes for Painting. 50 Solid Ink Splatter Brushes In this quick Photoshop tutorial, we'll learn how to create a simple but realistic metallic effect in Photoshop. In less than 6 steps we can create a nice effect and you can use it as a background. You can use this technique to create wallpapers, logos, and more. For different image sizes, you may have to change the filter input values This is the kind of interesting effect you can get. There are 5 main reasons for why you would want to use an ND filter. Simply put, all 5 of these benefits will aid you in improving your photography. why use an ND filter. You've probably asked this question: when should I use a neutral density filter. Here are the most common situations for you to use neutral density filters. To create motion. Halftone Patterns - Photoshop-Muster für Halbtonraster: Punkte regelmäßig verteilt 23.04.2021 in Muster von 4eck-Media. Ob Retro-Look, texturierter Hintergrund, typografischer Effekt oder strukturierter Schattenwurf - bringe diese 27 Muster ganz einfach auf große wie kleine Flächen auf

It's an aluminum housing depth-rated to 650 feet (200 meters), has a one-handed open/close switch, double o-rings, and can be used with filters. There's also a dual-handled tray to go along with it. And like all their housings, it's in their distinctive red. Priced at $450, it's only for those who need a highly specialized piece of underwater kit. It's available for preorder from. Main Controls - *FIGlet and AOL Macro Fonts Supported* Font Cheap Stage Lighting Effect, Buy Quality Lights & Lighting Directly from China Suppliers:IMRELAX Mini 60W LED Profile Light Manual ZOOM LED Ellipsoidal Light Framing Warm White Spot Light for Studio, Broadcast Theater Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return Hardness is a measure of the resistance to localized plastic deformation induced by either mechanical indentation or abrasion.In general, different materials differ in their hardness; for example hard metals such as titanium and beryllium are harder than soft metals such as sodium and metallic tin, or wood and common plastics.Macroscopic hardness is generally characterized by strong. Apr 19, 2021 - Includes tent base, frame, telescoping ladder, mattress, mounting tracks and hardware, and gray travel cover. Compatible with Tepui canopies with Zipper Gimp™ feature, sold separately. Base construction: Welded aluminum tube with insulation and aluminum cap shee

White aluminium 166 171 181 A6ABB5 9007 Grey aluminium 125 122 120 7D7A78 9010 Pure white 250 255 255 FAFFFF 9011 Graphite black 13 18 26 0D121A 9016 Traffic white 252 255 255 FCFFFF 9017 Traffic black 20 23 28 14171C 9018 Papyrus white 219 227 222 DBE3DE pats.ch ©2009. Eng anliegende Neopren 15.6 bis 17 Zoll Laptop-Hülle mit extra Reißverschluss-Konstruktion zum Schutz vor KratzernIn die Größe passt: 15.6 Zoll Laptops, 17W Zoll Laptops oder 17 Zoll MacBook Pro Innenabmaße: 39,3 x 26,7 x 2,5 cm Super soft and shiny Neoprene with water and dust repellent Moses Effect coating Special zip protection to shield the laptop against scratches Elastic loops for. It is a visual effect of two colors mixed softly without an accurate border between them. Any two colors can be mixed in such a way, so it could be interesting to play with this effect (and designers often do). Why designers use ready-mage PhotoShop gradient packs? If the designer already knows what colors to use it is better to create a gradient with the specialized tool. However, if you.

Answer: (d) All of the above Explanation: Noise pollution is defined as an excessive amount of noise that affects the environment in a disruptive manner. Although noise pollution is not visible and does not smell like air pollution, it still disrupts the natural balance. Some common effects of noise pollution on human beings include Hearing loss or disorder, Stress and headache, High blood. The only struggle you may experience is the selection process. Here are 1,800+ beautiful textures that you can play with. Enjoy! before it's too late! Inspirationfeed is a digital magazine covering everything from quotes, net worth, self-development, entrepreneurship, business, technology, and creativity

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The Liquify filter lets you push, pull, rotate, reflect, pucker, and bloat any area of an image. The distortions you create can be subtle or drastic, which makes the Liquify command a powerful tool for retouching images as well as creating artistic effects. The Liquify filter can be applied to 8‑bits per-channel or 16‑bits per-channel images Templates. Search a keyword for 100,000+ creative templates and click one to edit on the canvas. Next Skip al Photoshop Brushes are fantastic time savers. Once you use them, you will love Photoshop Brushes forever. We started collecting them in 2007, and now we. Feb 19, 2019 - Explore Dortha Tilton Grzan's board Photoshop, followed by 156 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about photoshop, photoshop photography, free photoshop

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Jun 26, 2017 - Description: Elegant Styles Vol 015. This is a premium Adobe Photoshop layer styles. In this set includes source .PSD,.ASL & ReadMe! ElEgant Styles Vol 01 Feb 1, 2019 - Buy 10 Shine Styles V.13 by diansyah_dhanny on GraphicRiver. Fantasy shine text effects for photoshop, just one click applicable photoshop text effects. 10 photoshop styles just.

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rendering - Blender Cycles Procedural Cut Aluminum (CutAusten Leather - Limestone - J A MiltonChapter VIIA simple fine motor skill activity for toddlers
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