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Electrum-LTC is a simple, but powerful Litecoin wallet. A twelve-word security passphrase (or seed) leaves intruders stranded and your peace of mind intact. Keep it on paper, or in your head... and never worry about losing your litecoins to theft or hardware failure. No waiting, no lengthy blockchain downloads and no syncing to the network Electrum-LTC is a simple, but powerful Litecoin wallet for Windows users. The program doesn't download the blockchain or require your computer to sync with the network. Instead, it is maintained on a tamper-proof, remote server. You can generate and manage your secure offline wallets, enabling you to take some or all of your funds completely offline. You don't have to be concerned about losing. Electrum LTC Features & Fees An amazing multi-layer desktop client, available for Windows, Linux and Mac providing several security functionalities. Offering also multi-signature option and open source code to examine and modify, Electrum LTC is the latest Litecoin trend

You can also install Electrum-LTC on your system, by running this command: sudo apt-get install python3-setuptools python3-pip python3 -m pip install --user. This will download and install the Python dependencies used by Electrum-LTC instead of using the 'packages' directory This article will show you how to setup, backup, restore, and sweep your Electrum LTC Wallet on a Mac OS. The process is similar for PC. I will also show you how to turn Electrum into a cold wallet. This means that it will only be connected to the internet while it's being used. How to Setup and Backup Your Electrum LTC I. The Preparatio Bitcoin- und Litecoin-Klau bei Electrum, Electron Cash und Electrum-LTC möglich Eine von außen ausnutzbare Sicherheitslücke gefährdet Nutzer der Wallet-Programme Electrum (Bitcoin), Electron Cash.. Electrum-LTC is a lightweight Litecoin desktop wallet which doesn't require you to download the entire blockchain or wait for synchronization. It is a deterministic wallet providing its user's ease of mind and security with a 12- word security seed key

Electrum Bitcoin Wallet. Impressum This website is hosted by Electrum Technologies GmbH Electrum Technologies was founded by Thomas Voegtlin in 2013. Its mission is to develop, package and distribute Electrum software, and to provide services to Bitcoin users and businesses GPG signatures are a proof that distributed files have been signed by the owner of the signing key. For example, if this website was compromised and the original Electrum files had been replaced, signature verification would fail, because the attacker would not be able to create valid signatures Electrum - Bitcoin Wallet Electrum ist eine Art Geldbörse für Bitcoins. Ihre gekauften oder geminten Bitcoins werden in dem Programm gespeichert. Electrum bietet dabei einige Features, wie eine..

Überprüfen Sie die Bewertungen auf Electrum LTC Wallet . Sofort ein: Ihr Client lädt die Blockchain nicht herunter. Es verwendet ein Netzwerk spezialisierter Server, die die Blockchain indizieren. Vergebe Electrum-LTC is also affected. Electrum-LTC was released to fix this vulnerability. We suggest that everybody update. So, Electrum LTC is fine for small, daily amounts. But do not consider it to be a long term storage solution. First, download the wallet from Electrum-LTC.org. Once opened, the app will ask you to select a server. Feel. Electrum-LTC Litecoin wallet. Contribute to pooler/electrum-ltc development by creating an account on GitHub Electrum ist eine Bitcoin Wallet zum Verwalten und Transferieren von Bitcoins. DIe Software ermöglicht das Wiederherstellen der Wallet auf anderen Computern mithilfe einer individuellen.. question - do you know how to prepend addresses for electrum LTC wallets? Reply. Abdussamad says: August 7, 2020 at 3:47 pm. nope. maybe ask in /r/litecoin subreddit. Reply. Toby says: October 3, 2020 at 3:10 pm. My private keys are on hardware wallets. I restored my multisig wallet from the xpubs but the restored wallet is watch-only and I want to be able to sign transactions with the.

Electrum-LTC Is A Community-Maintained Port Of Electrum, The Bitcoin Wallet, To Litecoin. It Is Not An Official Product Of Electrum Technologies GmbH, Which Does Not Support It. January 8, 2018: The Vulnerability Was Found In Electrum And Electrum-LTC Konkret geht es um Electrum (2.6 bis 3.0.4), Electrum-LTC (alle Versionen bis 3.0.5) und Electron Cash (alle Versionen bis 3.1.1), bei denen eine Sicherheitslücke den Diebstahl des Inhalts. LITECOIN ELECTRUM - INSTALL - In this video I will show you how to download, install, and setup your Litecoin Electrum Wallet, which you can download directl.. When Electrum-LTC calculating the size of a transaction in bytes, the minimum size is 114994 bytes. Further, when I try to send any amount with any commission, the same error appears: The server returned an error while sending the transaction. Try connecting to a different server or updating Electrum Electrum is one of Bitcoin's most popular wallets. It uniquely walks the fine line between beginner usability and expert functionality. This guide introduces Electrum with step-by-step examples highlighting the most important beginner features. No previous experience with either Bitcoin or Electrum is needed. Learning Electrum requires practice

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  1. d intact. Keep it on paper, or in your head... and never worry about losing your litecoins to theft or hardware failure. No waiting, no lengthy blockchain downloads and no syncing to the network. Features. Use instantly: Electrum doesn't.
  2. Unlike Electrum LTC which is a lightweight client, Monero GUI is a full node wallet. This means that it has to download the entire blockchain at the onset and periodically sync it. It is not the.
  3. 10.01.2018 - Heise Security berichtet von einer Sicherheitslücke bei Electrum, Electron Cash und Electrum-LTC. Guthaben könnten gestohlen werden. Nutzer sollten ihre Wallet-Clients.
  4. d your safety when choosing the right one. Latest price. Change 24h. Market Cap . Bread. $ 0.1466 -10.07 % $ 13.03 M Detail. 0x. $ 0.8816 -5.18 % $ 881.60 M Detail.

Electrum LTC Wallet unterstützt LTC. Diese Geldbörse bietet Third Party Sicherheit und Medium Anonymität. Wallet-Unterstützung Open Source features and Windows,Linux,Mac OS Plattformen. Es bietet SPV Validierung und Average Benutzerfreundlichkeit Posts where electrum-ltc has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-04-20. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-04-20 Electrum-LTC ist ein leichtgewichtiges Litecoin-Desktop-Wallet, bei dem Sie nicht die gesamte Blockchain herunterladen oder auf die Synchronisierung warten müssen. Es ist ein deterministisches Wallet, das seinen Nutzern mit einem 12-Wort-Sicherheits-Seed-Schlüssel Ruhe und Sicherheit bietet. Es ist SegWit-fähig, und es bietet eine zusätzliche Funktion des Einfrierens einer Adresse.

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Electrum-ltc v From what I know it is Bech32 Segwit address. address electrum bech32-address. Share. Improve this question. Follow asked Oct 11 '18 at 9:33. user2923339 user2923339. 23 1 1 silver badge 3 3 bronze badges. Add a comment | 1 Answer Active Oldest Votes. 4. Your address is in the native-segwit format (also known as bech32).. Anmelden / Registrieren; PlatoBlockchain. Anzeigen; Platonsuche; AiStreams. 99 Bitcoins; Ai TimeJorna I haven't looked at my LTC for a long time. I used electrum-ltc back then. Should I still use it, or something else? And which site can I trust? electrum-ltc.org? electrumltc.org? If I use some new client, please recommend a desktop Linux client that will accept the seed I created with electrum-ltc Download Electrum-LTC Now #5. Loaf Wallet [Best Mobile Litecoin Wallet] Want a dedicated Litecoin wallet for your mobile, try LoafWallet. It won't disappoint you as it is the official mobile wallet of Litecoin created by Charlie Lee (creator of LTC) & the Team. Honestly, I have used this wallet only once for my LTC transactions, and that too for the sake of writing this piece. The UI is.

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Open Electrum-LTC after installed - You will probably see a wallet address already in it, if yes or no, just ignore it. 3. Enter the private [Use the Private Key WIF copied), then use the paper wallet original address, then click sweep. 4.Send to the desired and correct address-wallet you want to send to. Then it should sweep the heck out of that paper, and get your coins back. IMPORTANT: If. Кошелек Litecoin (Лайткоин, LTC) - как создать и где хранить криптовалюту. Подробная инструкция по установке Litecoin Core, Electrum и список бирж для создания кошелька. Описание основных wallet для лайткоина: локальный, аппаратный. Electrum LTC Wallet is a Desktop-based cryptocurrency wallet that supports LTC. It is available for Android, iOS, OSX, Windows, Linux, Chrome, Firefox. Electrum LTC Wallet Basic Information Primary platform: Desktop Built-in currency exchange. Account Security Anonymous account Email required Multisig 2-factor authentication. Data Security Private key location: Mobile Cold storage. Platform.

» Posts Tagged Electrum LTC Alle Informationen rund um das Thema Electrum LTC. Wallets. Die besten Litecoin Wallets im Vergleich | Guide und Testbericht. By Jake Simmons 21. August 2019. Bei dem kleinen Bruder von Bitcoin, Litecoin, ist die Auswahl an Wallets mindestens genauso groß, wie bei BTC. Damit du Read More. Press releases. Alium NFT Marktplatz kooperiert mit Synctuition. Electrum-LTC kann kostenlos von unserem Software-Portal heruntergeladen werden. Folgende Version wird von den Benutzerinnen und Benutzern dieses Programms am häufigsten heruntergeladen: 1.9. Die Installationsdatei dieses Programms ist generell als electrum-ltc- bekannt. Die Größe der neuesten zum Herunterladen verfügbaren Setup-Datei beträgt 28.3 MB. Der eigentliche. I try to sweep the to my electrum ltc wallet, but I keep getting error: no inputs found. (Note that inputs need to be confirmed). Already contacted with atm company and they said they can see funds and everything is good from their side. I can also see funds on this address in LTC block. What's the problem? Reply. Abdussamad says: May 5, 2020 at 11:34 pm. note i only know about bitcoin. Electrum-LTC- FAILED (unknown public key 6FC4C9F7F1BE8FEA) Mikeeee commented on 2017-06-13 21:49. it seems to be more then that. the sha256sum check is working now, but the signature for Electrum-LTC- is now incorrect. ==> Überprüfe source Dateien mit sha256sums... Electrum-LTC- Durchgelaufen Electrum-LTC- Übersprungen.

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Application: Electrum-LTC Category: Utilities Description: Electrum-LTC is a simple, but powerful Litecoin wallet. Features:Use instantly: Electrum-LTC doesn't need to download the whole blockchain, which is instead maintained on a tamper-proof, remote server. Safe: Your unique secret phrase and private keys are never sent to the Electrum-LTC servers Electrum-LTC - a forked version of the original Electrum wallet, as simple and secure. Available for Windows, Linux and OSX. Litewallet - the first standalone Litecoin wallet built for iOS. Developed by the Litecoin Foundation, it's a great choice for beginners as the wallet focuses on accessibility, security and simplicity. Ethereum wallets. MyEtherWallet - the most popular Ether. Electrum-LTC is a fork of Electrum wallet and works much like it. 1. To import your Trezor public account keys, connect your device, start Electrum-LTC and create a new wallet. 2. Choose Standard wallet. 3. Choose Use a hardware device. 4. After all your public keys are imported and the wallet transaction history is synced, you will be able to see the transactions history and all your account.

Electrum LTC Wallet Waves MyCrypto Litecoin Core Armory Agama Our Recommendation. Best Multicoin and Multi-Plattform Wallet. Mobile Wallets. Mobile Wallets. List of the Best iOS and Android Cryptocurrency Wallets. Reviews. Exodus Jaxx Liberty Electrum. Electrum LTC Wallet unterstützt LTC.Diese Geldbörse bietet Third Party Sicherheit und Medium Anonymität. Wallet-Unterstützung Open Source features and Windows,Linux,Mac OS Plattformen. Es bietet SPV Validierung und Average Benutzerfreundlichkeit Sie können die detaillierteren Informationen und die Setup-Anleitung von deren erfahren Webseite Install Electrum-LTC. To install Electrum-LTC bitcoin wallet, we start with the installation of all prerequisites: # apt-get install python-qt4 python-pip python-dev. And finally, install Electrum Litecoin wallet using the bellow command: # pip2 install Electrum-LTC- Electrum-LTC; Litecoin thin client. Homepage Gitter Developer Star Fork Watch Issue Download. I use pooler/electrum-ltc Top Contributors. × Close Would you tell us more about pooler/electrum-ltc? Is the project reliable? Yes, realiable Somewhat realiable Not realiable. Would you recommend this project? Yes, definitely Not sure Nope. Is the documentation helpful? Yes, helpful Somewhat helpful.

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It uses the best header chain with the most cumulative proof of work and the correct hashing difficulty level. Electron Cash relies on a distributed network of servers which handle the heaviest part of blockchain operations. Your private keys sign transactions locally. They are never sent to the servers Litecoin can also be safely used with Electrum-LTC, with the seed and private keys fully protected by the Trezor device. For more infomartion and a manual describing the Trezor setup, see Electrum-LTC. You can also see our manual for using Bitcoin with Electrum in Apps:Electrum - the setup should be very similar Electrum-LTC is another wallet in the Electrum family this one specific to Litecoin. It is open source and requires some sophistication to set up. It used mostly by developers. It can also be integrated with a hardware wallet for a higher level of security. Like most Electrum wallets this LTC wallet is designed for long term storage of Litecoin. It's primary focus is on security and simplicity. Electrum-LTC is a lightweight Litecoin desktop wallet that does not sync the whole Blockchain thus you can start using it as soon as it is downloaded. It is a deterministic wallet providing its users a 12-word seed which makes sure that your funds are safe and secure. It is SegWit-enabled, and it. Although most people know Electrum as a desktop bitcoin wallet, the team has also released an.

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Details. Litecoin Core is the most popular full node Client. Litecoin is an experimental digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world using peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority: managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the network Controleer electrum-ltc.org website is een scam of een beveiligde website. electrum-ltc.org detecteren als het een scam, frauduleuze of is geïnfecteerd met malware, phishing, fraude en spam activiteit als j

If you click on the Receive tab, Electrum-LTC will automatically select a Litecoin address that you can use. Copy that. Now go back into your Coinbase account -> Accounts-> LTC Wallet->send-> paste the Litecoin address you copied from Electrum-LTC. It is very important that you copy the right address. Sending it to the wrong Litecoin address. Electrum LTC Wallet supports LTC. This wallet provides Third Party security and Medium anonymity. Wallet support Open Source features and Windows,Linux,Mac OS platforms. It provides SPV validation and Average ease of use

Electrum's focus is speed and simplicity, with low resource usage. It uses remote servers that handle the most complicated parts of the Bitcoin system, and it allows you to recover your wallet from a secret phrase. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a way to add additional security to your wallet. The first 'factor' is your password for your. Electrum Wallet Review. By: Ofir Beigel | Last updated: 1/14/21 Perhaps one of the oldest players in the Bitcoin wallet market is Electrum. In this review, I will cover the wallet's pros and cons, and also share my personal experience with it

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Electrum-LTC ist eine einfache, aber leistungsstarke Litecoin Brieftasche. Eine einzigartige geheime Phrase (oder Samen) lässt Eindringlinge gestrandet und Ihre Seelenruhe intakt. Halten Sie es auf Papier oder im Kopf und machen Sie sich keine Sorgen über den Verlust Ihrer Litecoins durch Diebstahl oder Hardware-Fehler. Electrum-LTC ist ein von der Community gepflegter Hafen von. I've installed 'electrum-ltc' in linux but whenever I try to run the app with the electrum-ltc the system responses it is not installed. Instead, the option available is the 'electrum' command without the 'ltc'. I had previously installed 'electrum' for a bitcoin wallet. What can I do to get a Litecoin wallet additionnally to the BTC wallet? Any help? 3 comments. share. save. hide. report. Software desktop wallets: Exodus, Electrum-LTC, Atomic, Guarda Wallet. Mobile wallets: in addition to mobile versions of Atomic and Guarda, there are also Edge, Mobi and Ethos wallets. Access and Use. You can buy and sell Litecoin on most major exchanges like Bitstamp, Gemini, Coinbase or Bitfinex. In addition to exchanges and OTC desks, you have an option to buy Litecoin in the ATMs all over. Alternatively, if you wish to use Electrum-LTC, you can use any of the addresses shown in the Receive or Addresses tab. Your Litecoin address should start with one of the prefixes L, M, or ltc1. Share Difficult Our favorite wallet software Electrum requires a little help when importing a private key to include all its possible four public addresses. In other words the two legacy P2PKH adresses (one uncompressed, one compressed), one segwit P2WPKH-P2SH address, and one native segwit P2WPKH (bech32) address. Let's consider this randomly generated private key (never use this

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0.86779935 LTC. 2021-05-25 15:28 GMT. low. Note: BlockCypher is faster than other blockchain APIs, so these transactions may take a bit to appear on other sites. Push Transaction Decode Raw Transaction. BTC mBTC bit satoshi Ether GWei Wei Installing Electrum-LTC LiteCoin wallet in Tails LiveCD operating system. Tested with Tails 3.8 LiveCD (no persistent storage needed, you have to install it after every reboot) and Electrum-LTC Changelog (of this document) 2018-06-27. updated to Tails 3.8; 2018-04-2 Electrum LTC. Electrum LTC является более легкой версией официального основного кошелька Litecoin, а также кошельком для ПК и считается одним из лучших онлайн-кошельков Litecoin. Самое приятное в Electrum LTC заключается в том, что он не.

Litecoin - LTC - Electrum Wallet with pgp check - LTC-electrum-wallet.cm Bitcoin- und Litecoin-Klau bei Electrum, Electron Cash und Electrum-LTC möglich. 9. Januar 2018 Jessica Boden. Eine von außen ausnutzbare Sicherheitslücke gefährdet Nutzer der Wallet-Programme Electrum (Bitcoin), Electron Cash (Bitcoin Cash) und Electrum-LTC (Litecoin). Angreifer könnten den Anwender deanonymisieren und im Extremfall das Guthaben stehlen. Angreifer könnten über eine. It uses a network of specialized servers that index the blockchain. Forgiving: Your wallet can be recovered from a secret seed. Safe: Your seed and private keys are encrypted on your hard drive. They are never sent to the servers. Low trust: Information received from the servers is verified using SPV. Servers are authenticated using SSL Electrum LTC (desktop) LiteAddress (paper) LiteVault (web) Litecoin Core (desktop) All of the above-listed wallets are excellent options for storing LTC. However, the absolute best wallet for storing Litecoin (LTC) is the first listed wallet - Ledger Nano S. 10. Where to Buy Litecoin? Litecoin (LTC) can be bought and sold on a peer-to-peer (P2P) basis but the most popular way to buy, sell.

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  1. Electrum LTC Wallet is a crypto currency wallet that is average to use and anonymity level is medium.Electrum LTC Wallet , supports currencies as LTC.For mor
  2. Electrum-LTC for Mac can be downloaded from our software library for free. The file size of the latest downloadable setup file is 28.3 MB. The application's installer is commonly called electrum-ltc- The most popular version among the program users is 1.9. This Mac download was checked by our built-in antivirus and was rated as safe. This free Mac app was originally.
  3. Litecoin Foundation has recently announced its migration from a multi-sig Electrum-LTC wallet to BitGo's multi-sig wallet, which is part of its efforts to simplify the management of the foundation's funds. Litecoin Foundation passed this new development across to the community via its official website and Twitter handle some hours ago
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  5. Litecoin thin client. Package Details: electrum-ltc-git 4.1..git20210401.d880731-
  6. electrum-ltc.org - user4951 May 18 '17 at 7:05. I am using it now - user4951 May 18 '17 at 7:05. 1. Oh, it's maintained by someone else besides Thomas who maintains Electrum. - Chloe May 18 '17 at 17:42. Add a comment | 2 Answers Active Oldest Votes. 5. Electrum (http.

Jak założyć portfel Litecoin? | Electrum LTC | Poradnik dla początkujących. Wielu ludzi, którzy zaczynają swoją przygode z kryptowalutami zastanawia się jaki portfel do przechowywania kryptowalut wybrać i który byłby najlepszy dla np. Bitcoina, Litecoina, Dasha. W tym poradniku przedstawiamy wam, naszym zdaniem jeden z najlepszych. Bitcoin- und Litecoin-Klau bei Electrum, Electron Cash und Electrum-LTC möglich. Info; 9. Januar 2018; Jetzt mitmachen! Sie haben noch kein Benutzerkonto auf unserer Seite? Registrieren Sie sich kostenlos und nehmen Sie an unserer Community teil! Benutzerkonto erstellen Anmelden. Info. Nachrichtenkurier. Reaktionen 506 Artikel 2 Beiträge 16.975. 9. Januar 2018 #1; Zitat von heise security.

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Litecoin Wallet is a software: Litecoin Core, Electrum LTC, LiteAddress - paper wallet, LiteVault, Jaxx Liberty, Guarda Wallet, Exodus. Сryptocurrencies ; Cryptocurrency market review, April 14. Cool Mining 14.04.2020 . Market Watch, April 14th Having broken through the support level at $ 7,000, Bitcoin has been steadily trading around $ 6,800 all weekend. Tonight, the asset attempted to. Electrum-LTC. Litecoin Core. Exodus. BTC to LTC Price Details | Bitcoin to Litecoin Exchange Rates . Rights now, 1 BTC will give you 231.77676244 LTC, which will give you the exact amount that gets transferred in your wallet once you trade BTC. In the last 24 hours, the maximum BTC to LTC exchange rate is recorded at 229.81954619 and the lowest rate at 232.16609261. LTC price increased by 0.

Electrum-LTC is a lighter version of the Litecoin Core wallet reviewed higher up on this page. A simpler payment verification (SPV) wallet, Electrum-LTC is designed to be faster and more lightweight than its bigger brother because it doesn't require you to sync to the network. The setup process is quick and straightforward, and the software is available for Windows, Linux and OS X operating. Responsible: Electrum-LTC [4556] User ID: 501 Date/Time: 2014-08-23 02:55:38.252 +0700 OS Version: Mac OS X 10.9.4 (13E28) Report Version: 11 Anonymous UUID: E83C49CB-FC2B-C165-2985-5FC3752B4C1F Crashed Thread: 0 Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread Exception Type: EXC_BAD_INSTRUCTION (SIGILL) Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000001, 0x0000000000000000 Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue: com.apple. Electrum wallet's design is functional, but has all the features you need. (Image: Decrypt) Electrum's design is somewhat basic compared to many of its rivals, with little to no visual flair in its two-tone blue and black color scheme. Despite the dated design, the app is one of the most usable Bitcoin wallets we have tested Ví Electrum LTC là ví mã nguồn mở, khá nhanh và nhẹ, các giao dịch được thực hiện ngay lập tức vì Electrum LTC không tải xuống toàn bộ dữ liệu blockchain của Litecoin. Hiện ví Electrum LTC hỗ trợ đầy đủ các hệ điều hành Windows, Mac OS và Linux. Bạn chỉ có thể lưu trữ LTC với Electrum LTC. #8 Exodus. Exodus: Dòng ví.

Ledger Nano not detected - Fix connection issues. 1. Remove and re connect your ledger nano device. Check in windows settings if it shows up as connected and ready to use. If it is so then electrum should detect your hardware wallet. Trigger a rescan Litecoin (LTC) is a cryptocurrency, launched in October 2011. Litecoin (LTC) Price for today is $164.13, for the last 24-hours 16,551,507 LTC's were exchanged with a trade volume of $2,716,659,340. It's currently traded on 141 exchange (s) and has 489 active market (s), the top two exchange pairs are tether & usd In this article we will give you a few recommendations: what wallet software is the best to use for certain cryptocurrency all listed software here is free and with open source code all wallets listed here allows you to control your private keys Wallet Index List: Bitcoin (BTC) - Electrum XRP (XRP) - ToastWallet Ethereum (ETH) - MyEtherWallet Ethereum ERC-20 tokens: Tethe

It seems that version is available upstream, while the latest version in the Gentoo tree is You think this warning is false In den Abendstunden des 18. Februars soll es zu einer Litecoin Hard Fork kommen. Das umstrittene Vorhaben hört auf den Namen Litecoin Cash und soll sich mit Block 1.371.111 von Litecoin abspalten. Wie soll man sich in den nächsten Tagen verhalten Compare the two cryptocurrency wallets, Electrum vs Ledger Nano X. Analyze storage type, platforms, two step, hierarchical deterministic and more Electrum-LTC is a simple, but powerful Litecoin wallet for Windows users. The program doesn't download the blockchain or require your computer to sync with the network. Instead, it is maintained on a tamper-proof, remote server. You can generate and manage your secure offline wallets, enabling you to take some or all of your funds completely.

Electrum LTC Wallet: Detailed Review and Full Guide on Howآموزش ‌ایجاد و اضافه کردن کیف پول لایت کوین به ElectrumIs This A Good Time To Send Finxflo To Buy Eur With Googleآموزش ساخت کیف پول لایت کوین و اضافه کردن آن به ElectrumUsing your Private Key for LTC : Ethos
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