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Black & Grey Blue Green Multi Colour Packs Orange & Red Pink Purple / Violet White / Crystal Yellow & Amber Earth Accents Metallic Accents. Create Naturally . Large Rounded Boulders Rounded Cobbles & Pebbles Large Angular Boulders Angular Chippings & Gravel Rockery, Walling & Feature Stone World of Natural Sand Yard Sale Marine Accents. Technical Aggregates. Anti Slip & Braking Sand Bentonite. Silver Grey Granite Chippings can also be used in Decorative precast applications, the grey granite dust and chippings are mixed in with the concrete to produce a precast finish, which is coloured by the sand and has flecks of the silver-grey granite within the precast. The Silver Grey is most often used to dress memorial graves. It is a very neutral chipping that blends well with all granite. Our decorative chippings are graded at 6mm, 10mm, and 20mm and their angular shape makes them perfect for driveways as they lock together when pressure is applied, for garden paths as the chippings are too large to get stuck in the shoe tread, and for simple garden decoration due to the variety of colours available 6mm Limestone Chippings Aggregates Direct's 6mm Limestone is a 2mm-6mm stone. It is a shade of light grey when dry and looks darker and shinier when wet. Please note although every care has been taken to ensure a true likeness, the images are only a representation of the product and it may vary in real life The 20mm is extremely popular as an economical method of providing decorative covering to driveways, paths or gravel borders and the 6mm is predominately used for roof chippings or in the finishing process of permeable paving. The 6mm size is also perfect for use when laying A rtificial Grass

Decorative gravel, granite chippings and garden stones can be used to easily transform your garden. Our range is exceptionally versatile and has a number of different applications including driveways, rockeries water features, mulching and general landscaping use. Types. It is important to choose a gravel which has a composition and formation suitable for the job at hand. Different types of. 3-6mm Grey Chippings. 20mm Flint. 20mm Black . Rustic Red Chippings. Silver Grey Granite. Polar White Spar. Scottish Cobbles. Caledonian Pebbles. Grey Chippings. Green Chippings. Cotswold Chippings. 20mm Coral Pink. Green Slate *£120.00 Inc VAT / Jumbo Sack ( Min 850kg)* Plum Slate. 10mm Small Flint. Large 40mm Washed Gravel *CHEAPEST DECORATIVE GRAVEL* 20mm Washed Gravel. Pea Gravel. Morgan. Covers approx 6 square metres at 40mm deep. £99. Add to cart. Silver grey granite chippings 14mm - Bulk Bag. Covers approx 12 square metres at 40mm deep. £179.99. Add to cart. Silver grey granite chippings 14mm - Maxi bag. Minimum order 20 bags. 4 bags cover approx 1 squre metre at 40mm deep

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Decorative stones and gravel are versatile and hard-wearing, making them the ideal choice for a multitude of projects around your garden. From driveways and footpaths to borders and beds, whether you're giving your garden a design revamp or overhauling your driveway, we have a wide range of decorative aggregate, gravel and garden pebbles to suit every budget and project, no matter the size www.corker.co.u 6mm Silver Grey Granite Chips - ideal for Zen Gardens or Ground Cover. Ideal ground cover around Japanese ornaments. The larger size is ideal for raked zen gardens as it is less likely to be moved by wind or rain. Blends and complements our range of larger granite rocks and boulders. 20kg polybag. The name is not descriptive of the type of. 6/14 Silvery Grey Chippings. 10/20 Grey Chippings. 10/20 Scottish Granite. 10/20 Buff Chippings. 10/20 Golden Shingle. White Chippings. Beach Pebbles. Green Slate. Plum Slate. Blue Slate. Beach Cobbles. Roofing Shingle. 0/6 Granite (Grano) 1:4 Joint Grit. 2/6 Limestone. 6/14 limestone. 4/20 Limestone. Play/Leisure Sand. Breedon Golden Amber Gravel. Kiln Dried Sand. Soil. Ornamental Bark. Play.

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Red Granite 6mm is the smallest sizing our this attractive granite product that features... Read more. From £156.50 inc VAT Click for more prices. Salmon Pink Granite Chippings 14mm. Our 14mm granite chippings are a pale shade of salmon pink with flecks of black and grey... Read more. From £138.35 inc VAT Click for more prices. Seville Chippings 3-8mm. Seville 3-8mm is a vibrant mix of. At Huws Gray we have a wide selection of decorative gravel, granite chippings and garden stones to choose from in a range of sizes, styles and colours. Allowing you to select a gravel or granite chipping t Read more. o suit your current garden design. The garden gravel and granite are the best way to transform any garden landscape 6mm Granite Roof Chippings Aggregates 6mm Granite Roof Chippings - 25kg bag. Qty: Add to your online quotation. Related Products. Type 1 Sub Base Aggregates 20mm Ballast Aggregates Multicem® Waterproof Bag Aggregates Plastering Sand Aggregates Follow us on Instagram. Subscribe to our Newsletter . Category. Name * Email * Comments. This field is for validation purposes and should be left. Our garden gravel and granite chippings are the best way to transform any garden, drive, path or pond. By adding decorative aggregates to complement any planting or landscaping project. Delivered in bulk bags or pre pack the choice is yours. Cotswold Chippings. 6mm, 10mm, 20mm. More information. Derbyshire Peakstone . 6mm, 10mm, 20mm. More information. Golden Gravel. 6mm, 10mm, 20mm. More. To avoid chippings being caught in tyre treads, we advise gravels graded 14mm or 20mm. Types of gravel for driveways include our hardwearing gravel products including granite, basalt, quartz & flint materials awhich will have a greater longevity. Footpaths: Create a stunning decorative gravel garden path with our huge range of decorative gravels

Silver Grey Granite Chips - ideal for Zen Gardens or Ground Cover available 6 or 14mm Ideal ground cover around Japanese ornaments. The larger 14mm size is ideal for raked zen gardens as it is less likely to be moved by wind or rain. Blend 6 and 14mm together naturally and complement this with our range of larger granite rocks and boulder Silver Grey gravel sizes Our granite chippings are available in three sizes; 6mm, 14mm, and 20mm. A 25 kg bag of gravel will cover about a third of a square meter. By comparison, a 'bulk' bag will cover about 15 square meters laid to 25 mm depth Granite 6mm to Dust, Granite 6mm, Granite 14mm, Granite 20mm. Dorset Gold: Dorset Gold Chippings 14mm, Dorset Gold Chippings 20mm. Cotswold: Cotswold Shingle 14-20mm, New Cotswold Chippings 10mm to 20mm. Limestone: Brownstone Chippings 14mm, Pink Limestone Chippings - 20mm. Rive Pebbles/Cobbles: Quartzite River Shingle 6-14mm, River Pebbles 20-40mm, River Cobbles 40-60mm, River Cobbles 30.

6mm Limestone Chippings Big Bag. The limestone chippings is an extremely popular seller when it comes to decorative aggregate, this angular chipping can transform any garden, pathway or drive. This Limestone is also good for borders and rockeries. This is a naturally quarried product which may result in slight varaiations in formation, size. Grey Granite Chippings - (6 products) Decorative Grave Chippings - (21 products) Recycled Glass Chippings - (17 products) Blue Marble Chipping - (3 products) Green Grave Chippings - (10 products) White Marble Chips - (9 products) Decorative Chippings For Graves - (12 products) Pink Glass Chippings - (4 products) Terracotta Granite Chippings - (1 products) Coloured Marble Chippings - (60. Extremely hardwearing, our 20mm Pink/Grey Granite chipping binds well together making it ideal for dressing and surfacing driveways and paths where an attractive long lasting look is required. Reviews. There are no reviews yet. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Related products . 0-6mm Green Granite Dust £ 91.58. Select options. 10-20mm Cotswold Buff.

Granite chippings are grey in colour when dry‚ and a dark green/grey colour when wet. Naturally angular in appearance‚ Granite Aggregate is extremely hard wearing and is ideal for use... £1.64 + Vat. Choose Options Quick view. Add to Cart. Choose Options. Quick view. Cotswold Aggregate . £3.00 + Vat. Cotswold Aggregate is a classic cream colour when dry‚ with richer and more golden. Blooma Grey Decorative chippings, Bulk 790kg Bag (1) £ 153 £ 0.19 per KG. Add to basket Blooma Black 40-90mm Stone Pebbles, 22.5kg Bag.

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6mm Limestone Chippings (Midi Bag) £ 3.30Inc. VAT. Part of our range of decorative aggregates and chippings. These 6mm limestone chippings are ideal for use in paths, driveways and borders. Also ideal to use on flat roofs as a cost effective barrier against the sun to the felt and bitumen layers below Limestone aggregate 2-6mm chippings: Used as bedding material or sub-base for laying block paving and artificial grass; Free draining; Supplied loose tipped or in bulk bags; When ordering, please tell us about any access restrictions as we have various size delivery vehicles and like to get it right first time! Additional information. Weight: 1000 kg: Quantity: 1 tonne (0.6 cu. mtr), 1/2 tonne. Decorative Silver Grey Granite Stones 6mm 25kg. £19.50. BULK Decorative Stones Chipping Pebbles Gravel Marble Garden Path Driveway Pond. £6.99 to £890.00. Free postage. Ocean Blue Pebbles Decorative Aggregates 20kg Gravel Stone Garden Landscaping . £13.95. 42 sold. Decorative Aggregates | Slate | Chippings | Gravel | Pebbles | Gardens | 20 Kg. £12.50 to £18.50. Free postage. 99 sold.

Niedrige Preise, Riesen-Auswahl. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic These particular 6mm chippings are naturally angular, meaning they catch the sunlight beautifully, and they come in a light grey colour. As one of the most versatile natural stones on the market, limestone is suitable for all kinds of applications, including paths, driveways and general landscaping. These chippings can also be used to line rockeries, plant beds and other prominent design. 10 - 20mm Grey Granite Chippings. A very durable material for borders, pathways and driveways. Granite stands up well to the worst the British weather can throw at it and still keep its appearance. Classic silver grey colour with a hint of sparkle. Naturally angular. Silver-grey when dry, appears darker grey with black highlights when wet. This material is easy to lay for modern, low. Kilcarrig produce a Washed Pea Gravel 2/6.3mm which can be used a pipe bedding and surrround.Can also be sues under paving as a drainage material. Crushed Rock. 6mm Grey Limestone Grit; 10mm Grey Limestone Chippings; 14mm Grey Limestone Chippings; 20mm Grey Limestone Chippings; 14mm Dark Limestone Chippings; 20mm Dark Limestone Chippings

An extensive collection of high quality gravel and chippings to help you create an inspirational, tailored space in your garden which meets your needs. Alpine Gold 6mm. Arctic White 10mm. Arctic White 20mm. Berwyn Green 14-16mm. Black Ice ® 14-20mm. Butterscotch 20mm. Cheshire Pink 11-14mm. Cotswold 13-20mm. Cotswold Buff 4-10mm. Derbyshire Fawn 20mm. Dove Grey Pebbles 8-16mm. Ebony Black. Grey stone, gravel and chippings have endless uses in the garden; use as a decorative finish for garden borders, top plant pots or even use them on paths, patios & driveways to aid moisture retention in soil. Read more. 8 products. Compare. Filter (1) Sort. Sort See more Outdoor & garden Blooma Blue grey Slate Decorative chippings, Bulk 17kg Bag (23) £ 3.70 £ 0.22 per KG. Add to basket. Silver Grey Granite; 20mm: Black Basalt Chippings; 10 & 20mm: Multi Mix Chippings; 10 & 20mm: Ice Blue Chippings; 20mm: Black Ice Chippings; 20mm: Plum Slate; 20 & 40mm: Blue Slate; 20 & 40mm: Green Slate; 40mm: Scottish pebbles; 20 & 30mm: Our Decorative Aggregates Delivery Area. Suppliers of Decorative Aggregates in Rotherham, Sheffield, Barnsley, Doncaster, Worksop and surrounding areas.

Stunning, contemporary marble chippings, in striking shades of dark greys, greys, blues and whites. view now. Blossom 20mm. Stunning, durable marble chippings, in striking shades of rose pinks, greys and whites. view now . Blue Slate 20mm. 20mm blue slate can add a contemporary look to your garden. view now. Blue Slate 40mm. Adding blue slate to the landscape can provide a distinctive look to. Decorative Stone & Chippings. Our decorative stones are the perfect solution to help you beautify your project. Why not create a magnificent pathway to connect your garden and make it more useable, or simply want to create a luxurious rock flower bed? Home / Aggregates / Bulk Bags / Decorative Stone and Chippings Red Granite 20mm. Cheshire Pink 14mm. Dove Grey Limestone 10mm. Dove Grey Limestone 20mm. Green Granite 20mm. Cotswold Buff 20mm. Arctic White Marble 20mm. Classic Flint 10mm. Pea Gravel 10mm . Silver Blue Granite 10mm. Multi Spar 10mm. Lomond Gravel 20mm. Polar White 10mm. Derby Gold 10-20mm. Charcoal Granite 10mm. Pea Gravel 20-10mm. Polar White Pebbles. Pea Pebble. Scottish Pebbles.

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  1. ent black speckles‚ when wet. Naturally angular in shape.
  2. 10mm Grey Limestone Large Bag North Only. 151761284. £3.55 Ex VAT £4.26 Inc VAT. Cotswold Chippings Large Bag. From £2.59 Ex VAT From £3.11 Inc VAT. 10mm Golden Gravel Large Bag . From £3.95 Ex VAT From £4.74 Inc VAT. 20mm Golden Gravel Large Bag. From £4.89 Ex VAT From £5.87 Inc VAT. Golden Flint Large Bag Cardff Only. 151761249. £3.59 Ex VAT £4.31 Inc VAT. Canterbury Spa Large Bag.
  3. Cornish Granite. Cornish Granite. Large Pac Offer: Buy 4 for £20.00. Large Pac £5.49. Bulk Bag £135.64. Please enquire about bulk bag delivery prices. Size: 6 - 14mm. Description: A rough surfaced chipping. Mottled silver- grey shades. Available in: Bulk Bags & Large Pacs. How much do I need? Use our online calculators to estimate how much aggregate you will need to cover your area. We have.
  4. Grey Limestone Chippings. Grey Limestone Available in 6mm, 10mm, 14mm & 20mm sourced from The Yorkshire Dales . White Marble 8-11mm & 11-14mm sizes imported from Spain. Our Decorative Aggregate Range: Please Note: The above products are readily available but this list is by no means exhaustive and many other decorative aggregates can be sourced, please contact us if your requirements are not.
  5. Small 235g Bag of Javis JFGST fine grey granite chippings for use as model railway track ballast on layouts and dioramas. This product can also be used outside of the railway to represent a quarry area, on roadways and paths, in wagons to represent loads and much more. This ballast should be laid between and beside the rails and brushed into position. Then lightly spray with water with a dash.

Silver Grey Granite Chippings Average Irish Grave - single plot would require 6 25kg Bags. Dry Dashing. 1 50kg of Dry Dashing covers 4 sqm 1 25kg of Dry Dashing covers 2 sqm 1 25kg bag of limestone sand covers 1.25 sqm 1 25kg of White cement covers 25 sqm* 1 Tonne of Wet Dash covers 40 sqm *Limestone sand & white cement (ratio 4:1) are usually mixed for form a base coat for the dry dash. Rubber Chippings . Rock Salt & Sandbags . Resin Bound Products . Pebbledash . Building Products . 10mm Gravel. We have a collection of smaller gravel products that are perfect for decorating your garden in a range of colours and materials. Types of small gravel. For lighter gravel that contrasts beautifully against flower beds, we have Polar White Marble and Dove Grey Limestone. The Classic. Green & White Marble Chippings; Green Glass Chipping; Grey Slate; Ice Blue 10-15mm Decorative Stone; Ice Blue 15-25mm Decorative Stone; Ice Blue 25-40mm Decorative Gravel; Limestone Chippings 14mm ; Maroon Cobbles 30-50mm; Pea Gravel 20mm; Pea Gravel Pebble 10mm; Pink Granite 14mm Gravel; Pink Granite Decorative Stone 20mm; Pink Marble Decorative Stone; Plum Slate Mulch; Premium Polished Green. 40mm Blue Grey Slate Chippings from £130. 14mm Cotswold Chippings from £80. Cobble Stones from £100. 40mm Pebbles from £75. 20mm Pebbles from £75. 20mm Cotswold Chippings from £80. Criggion Green from £90. Harden Red from £90. Cornish Granite from £70. 40mm Pebbles Provide attractive decoration in any garden. Criggion Green These durable and famously hard materials are full of natural. 10mm silver grey granite chippings brilliant for use with garden paths and driveways. Each bag contains one tonne of granite chippings. Grading. The chippings are graded to be between 6-12mm nominal size. Finish. These granite setts have a split finish to all sides. Availability. We usually have these granite setts available for delivery from stock. Delivery: Delivery can be arranged.

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item 1 Decorative Silver Grey Granite Stones 6mm 25kg 1 - Decorative Silver Grey Granite Stones 6mm 25kg. £19.50. Free postage . item 2 Decorative Silver Grey Granite Stones 14mm 25kg 2 - Decorative Silver Grey Granite Stones 14mm 25kg. £19.50. Free postage. item 3 **Decorative Gravel - Silver/Grey Granite Gravel - 14mm or 20mm - Bulk Bag** 3 - **Decorative Gravel - Silver/Grey Granite. 20mm Silver Granite Chippings £ 70. 40mm Blue Grey Slate Chippings £ 99. 20mm Staffordshire Pink Chippings £ 67. 10mm Dorset Limestone Chippings £ 60. 20mm Golden Cotswold Chippings £ 66. 20mm Cerney Gravel £ 58. 20mm Devon Pink Chippings £ 80. 40mm Heather Slate Chippings £ 99. 20mm Sandringham Chippings £ 69. Suttle Stone Quarries and Suttle Projects Head Office Swanworth Quarry. Silver grey granite chippings 14mm - Bulk Bag: Covers approx 12 square metres at 40mm deep: £179.99: Add to cart: Silver grey granite chippings 14mm - Maxi bag: Minimum order 20 bags. 4 bags cover approx 1 squre metre at 40mm deep: £7.99: Add to cart : × Variation Image. Add Items to Cart. Related products. Pentland Pebbles 20-40mm £ 6.66 - £ 169.99. Pod Bag / Bulk Bag Maxi Bag (min. Gravel & Chippings. Our shingle and gravel is naturally quarried locally in Dorset. Comfortable to walk and drive on, this is a popular and cost effective option for use on paths or driveways. The variety of natural, golden colours make an eye-catching landscape. For use in ponds, look out for our fish-friendly symbol! Available for collections and deliveries. To order online, please enter.

Cobbles, pebbles, granite, rockery stone, slate, glass & garden features. Adverse Weather Solutions A comprehensive Rock Salt range to get you through the winter 14mm Granite Chippings - Grey. 14mm Granite Chippings - Pink. Previous Next × Close. Granite Chippings. Granite chippings can be used in many industries Rail, Construction, Drainage, Decorative . and come in a range of sizes 6mm (2/6mm) 10mm (4/10mm) 14mm (6/14mm) 20mm (10/20mm) 28mm (20/32mm) 40mm (20/40mm) 50mm (32/50mm) Stoneblower. Stoneblower is a specialist 20mm Granite that is. Aggregates'r'us Limited supply quality bagged aggregate in bulk and pre-pack bags. Aggregates'r'us offer a true alternative as a fully independent bagged aggregate supplier 6mm Granite Chippings. Call us on 024 7644 4728 or Enquire Online. Ballast 20mm. Call us on 024 7644 4728 or Enquire Online. Crusher Run Hardcore 100mm. Call us on 024 7644 4728 or Enquire Online. Crusher Run Hardcore 40/50mm. Call us on 024 7644 4728 or Enquire Online. Crusher Run Hardcore 75mm. Call us on 024 7644 4728 or Enquire Online. Granite Dust. Call us on 024 7644 4728 or Enquire.

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Black Granite available in 10mm, 14mm and 20mm sizes. Sourced from Cumbrian Fells. Blue Granite Chips. Blue Granite available in 10mm, 14mm, 20mm sizes. Quartzite Gravel. Available 10 and 20mm sizes, known as Trent Gravel. Yorkshire Cream Yorkshire Cream Gravel available in 10-20mm sizes. Staffordshire Pink. Pink Gravel available in 10mm, 14mm & 20mm. Building Gravels. Limestone Chippings. 6mm. This beautiful 20mm silver blue granite chipping is available in both the small and bulk bags. This chipping is extremely eye-catching in a silver blue colour. When dry it is predominately silver, when wet it shows a striking dark blue colour. It is extremely hard wearing and weather resistant and is perfect for driveways or places where it will be heavily trafficked. Equally it is ideal as a. Granite chippings act as a fantastic ground cover and are a flexible alternative to high maintenance grass. In a range of beautiful shades that include silver and pink granite chippings, they can be used for planting, pathways, water features and driveways. Choosing a mixture of black and silver granite chippings will give your garden or driveway a modern and luxurious look that stills feels.

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  1. Green Granite Gravel 20mm down Chippings for driveways and gardens. Perfect for topping off beds and borders to set off your plants and shrubs. Great for use as a decorative aggregate on paths and driveways! Speckled green chips. Just like our topsoil and compost, we do three sizes of bulk bag; a jumbo bag contains approx. 1000kg (one tonne) of.
  2. Quantity: 1 tonne (1000kg) bulk bag. Covers: A tonne bag of 40mm grey slate chippings will normally cover 12m² (12m x 1m) at 50mm deep. Contains: 40mm grey slate chippings. Usage: Grey slate chippings are suited for use on paths, driveways, flowerbeds, borders, rockeries and alpine gardens. They can also be used as pond substrate or to dress water features as they're naturally safe for.
  3. Granite or limestone chippings are essentially MOT Type 1 that has been passed through a sieve, to filter out chippings of the required size. As MOT Type 1 particle sizes range from 40mm down to dust, anything from 40mm and smaller can be extracted from the aggregate. Granite or limestone chippings are available in various sizes. Our testing.
  4. Pink granite chippings. 85 euro /1ton bag exl.Vat. Discounts available depending on quantity. Full loads available. Pink Granite chippings. Decorative stone
  5. Simply sparkling with blue and grey flecks, this stunning Silver Granite 14mm will add a shine to any garden. It is also known as Cornish Silver, and this gravel is best laid 3-4cm deep. The actual size ranges between 8-16 mm. This silver grey granite chipping looks great on paths and adds a contemporary feel to any landscaping project. This is a special and unusual chipping, definitely not.
  6. Grey Slate 20mm £ 88.80 - £ 92.40 20 mm Red Granite Chippings. Bag Type Clear: Red Granite 20mm quantity. Add to cart. SKU: N/A Additional information; A hard granite stone of a deep red colour, angular in shape, that is a popular choice for use on driveways and paths due to it being a hard wearing, high strength material that lasts for a very long time, and due to the angular.

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  1. 14mm Red Granite Chippings. Also, known as a Harden Red this material with its striking deep red rich colour is an ideal addition to add decoration to a driveway, path or garden border. It's hardwearing properties ensure it is ideal for areas that receive high levels of traffic from both pedestrians and vehicles. This product can be delivered in bulk loose loads or is available to collect in.
  2. Black Granite Chippings - 6 to 10mm. Deep black granite for a different finish. Sharp contrast to lighter products. Deep black granite for a different finish. Sharp contrast to lighter products. All weights of decorative aggregates are approximate as they depend upon the moisture content at the time of filling. This can be as much as 15%
  3. al size 20mm, supplied in a large bulk bag. Coverage approx 24 m2 at 25mm depth / 12 m2 at 50mm depth. Other decorative stones, gravels and chipping available


  1. 20mm Silver Granite Chippings. Decorative chippings ideal for drives, paths garden features, ground cover and decorative use. Silver/Grey in colour. Delivered in bulk bag. Please note bags weigh approximately one tonne including packaging. Please note: price does not include delivery costs, these are added once a postcode is given at basket.
  2. Call us today on 08032598015 for your Granite Chippings at Affordable and reliable rate +2. Sektilda Granite Chippings. October 28, 2020 · Call us today for your Granite Chippings 08032598015. See All. Videos. Contact us today and testify to our reliable, fast and affordable delivery on 08032598015, 0706 607 6433. For your quality granite chippings of all sizes; 1 inch, 1/2 inch, 3/4 Inch, 3.
  3. Granite Grey chippings are also known as salt and pepper chippings because of the white, grey and black specks in the stone that are characteristic of granite. An additional advantage is that granite is very hard, making these chippings suitable for many purposes. Properties • Type of stone: Granite • Hardness: High • Colour: grey (with white, grey and black specks in the stone.
  4. CED Silver Grey Granite 6mm 25kg: Amazon.co.uk: Garden & Outdoors. Skip to main content.co.uk Akor Building Products Somerset Grey Chippings Garden and Driveway Decorative Aggregate Bulk Bag 1 offer from £165.00. Wave Polychrome, 5 kg, Medium 4.7 out of 5 stars 410. £7.1
  5. Silver Grey Granite chippings offer an attractive top dressing material for planters and pots. They can also be used as a long lasting surface for pathways and drives. Order now from Stonescapes 01483 278328

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  1. A red angular granite chipping. Available as 20-kg bag or Bulk bag (~875 kg) (£167.00 retail). View details & prices. Ice Blue 20mm. Light marl grey/blue angular marble chippings. Available as 20-kg bag or Bulk bag (~875 kg) (£196.00 retail). View details & prices. Onyx 15-20mm. A mat pale apricot beige angular marble chipping. Available as 20-kg bag or Bulk bag (~875 kg) (£194.00 retail.
  2. Derbyshire Grey/Green 20mm Granite - Loose. A deep green/ grey tight grained granite with occasional black and quarts colours running through, Granites renowned durability makes these chippings ideal for paths, driveways and as a decorative ground cover, The green/grey colour makes it suitable for bolder designs and also suiting more.
  3. This Silver Grey Granite is sometimes called Cornish Spar or Black & White Granite. PLEASE NOTE, as with all natural stone you can expect variations in colour from batch to batch and you can expect some rust or brown colouring in the chippings from time to time. Additional information. Weight. 900 kg
  4. al 20mm in diameter. Approximate coverage per bulk bag = 12 to 14 sq mtrs @ 40mm thickness. Used for driveways and paths. Supplied in Bulk Bags or loose tipped
  5. Limestone Chippings 6mm - 20kg Bag. For use as a flat roof covering. Approx coverage: 3.125 sq/mt
  6. Contact Us. Granite 2-6mm. Size: 0-4mm. Usage: This product is primarily used as a bedding layer for block paving in layers with the other sized SUD granites. Consists of: Granite. Available in: Loose Tipped, Bulk Bags, Maxi Bags, Mini Bags. Category: Decorative aggregates
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Graphite Grey Slate is a popular garden chipping featuring blue, grey and traces of green neutral tones that make them an ideal choice to enhance any paving, garden or decorative border project. These chippings are also idea for use as a weed suppressant. Available in a 20mm or 40mm stone size, grey slate is sold in jumbo bulk bags, half jumbo bulk bags or 23kg small bags -. Chippings Here at Milton Garden Products in Stoke-on-Trent we have a wide range of Decorative Stone, Gravel and Chippings as well as Slate, Rockery Stone, Pebbles and Cobbles. Available in a range of sizes including 10mm, 20mm and 40mm with delivery or collection in 20kg pre-packed bags, Bulk bag or by the tonne 5MM GRANITE CHIPPINGS 25KG BAG. Price Each. £3.00 +VAT. 01BUL0070. 5MM GRANITE CHIPPINGS BULK BAG. £ POA. Newsletter. Follow us on Description. Granite dust is used for a variety of construction and landscaping uses such as making concrete, as a base for artificial grass or block paving. Sometimes referred to as grano dust is comprised of particles from 6mm to dust Silver Grey Granite Chippings. View This Product. Dove Grey Chippings . View This Product. Black Granite Chippings. View This Product. Plum Slate Chippings 20-50mm. View This Product. Shingle / Gravel. View This Product. Scottish Pebbles. View This Product. Clean Limestone 2-6mm (Aqua Flow) View This Product. Portsmouth 02392 652923. OUTDOORS | INDOORS. Mon-Fri 07:30-16:30 Sat 08:00-12:00.

The Stone and Garden Company Supply a wide range of gravel and granite chippings, Call 0300 303 3213 for a Free Quote. We sell gravel for driveways, chippings for a paths and decorative stone for landscaping All projects are hot tar and chippings, spray tar and chip, chip and tar major and minor resurfacing with golden gravel and granite chippings. Hot Tar & Golden Gravel. Hot Tar and Grey Granite Chippings. Hot Tar and Golden Gravel'. Hot Tar & 10mm Gravel Chippings. Hot Tar and Grey Granite Chippings

Red Granite Chippings. £ 4.10 - £ 85.95 exc. VAT. Granite is a robust solution for pathways or for decorative use in borders and flowerbeds. Available in volcanic grey tones or bright red it has a sharp angular appearance for a crisp look 6mm Granite Roof Chippings Flat Roofing 6mm Granite Roof Chippings - 25kg bag. Qty: Add to your online quotation. Related Products. Sharp Sand Aggregates General purpose CEM II Aggregates Postfix® Concrete Aggregates Multicem® Waterproof Bag Aggregates Subscribe to our Newsletter . Category. Name * Email * Phone. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Subscribe. Cotswold Buff 20mm Chippings - Loose. from £56.77 Derbyshire Grey/Green 20mm Granite - Loose. from £49.63 Golden Corn 20mm Angular Pebbles - Loose. from £23.55 Natural Rounded 10mm Blue/Grey Pebbles - Loose.

6mm Red Granite Calculator. Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Depth (cm) = 1000 Litres OR 1 M3. Loose loads available for orders over 15M3 Please contact us to see how much you could save on a loose load. Please Note: Delivery charges apply for Scotland, Wales, Northern England, London and the South West of England. Read More Silver grey chippings - local delivery in bulk bag Our silvery grey chippings are a perfect product for contemporary driveways, footpaths and many other decorative landscaping projects. The silver grey granite chippings are durable stand up well to wear. Our grey chippings come in 6-14mm fragments and can be delivere Dove Grey 20mm is a grey limestone chipping sometimes referred to as Derbyshire limestone chippings. A popular size for using on garden paths and borders, this versatile stone will provide a lovely backdrop for minimal planting in a border, rockeries and as a great contrast alongside paler coloured aggregates in themed gardens

1-48 of 118 results for grey slate chippings Amazon's Choice for grey slate chippings Suregreen Charcoal Black Slate Chippings | 40mm | 20kg. 4.4 out of 5 stars 29. £16.99 £ 16. 99. FREE Delivery. JT Atkinson Decorative Aggregate Blue Slate Chippings 40mm 25kg. 4.5 out of 5 stars 110. £14.50 £ 14. 50. FREE Delivery. Blue Slate Decorative Aggregates Slate Chippings Garden Gravel 40mm 20. We supply a wide range of decorative chippings, gravels and pebbles to enhance any garden. We supply bulk jumbo bags and handy sized 25Kg bags for collection or delivery Limestone Chippings--- White/grey limestone Chippings--- White/grey. Tap for gallery 6mm down to dust Crushed Granite £51.67; On Sale. ROCKERY STONE Bag £134.80 £113.34; Kiln Dried Hard Wood Logs £108.57 £90.48; Rock Salt £120.66 £104.00; Golden Gravel Tattershall Quarry £105.00 £95.00; Border Bark Wood Chip £58.00 £54.00; Black Ice £103.33 £100.85; Top. Information. Contact.

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